30 April 2011

De la recepción muchachas detrás

According to the translator that came with my MacBook, De la recepción muchachas detrás is the proper Spanish translation of Welcome Back Girls. I have no clue how accurate this is because Yo no hablo español. In other words, I do not speak Spanish. More on that (and other stories of my Puerto Rico experience) in future blog posts.

Blake's Creation

Yesterday was a long, action-packed and adventure-filled day. Stacey and I checked out of our hostel early in the morning and explored Old San Juan until it was time to begin our journey to our final destination, Stacey's Boyfriend's apartment. After traveling for ten hours, awake for 20, and fueled by almost three hours of very interrupted sleep, we were greeted by what you see in the above photo.

22 April 2011

So THAT'S why everyone kept laughing

I'm not the type of person who has to look in the mirror before leaving the house. I realized this a few weeks ago when I returned from Head West and discovered white blobs of dried zit cream on my face.

*Reenactment* A photo was not taken at the actual time of the incident.

My mom gave me a mirror to hang next to my door in hopes that I will notice such details before I go out in public.

Listening to: The Pimps - Would It Have Killed You to Leave a Suicide Note?

20 April 2011

Words to be Remembered... on

I stopped losing my keys seven years ago when I got the car I have now; it has only one key; I am paranoid about losing this key. That might be the only possible explanation as to why I have inadvertently or subconsciously stolen other people's keys. Four times. In the last 18 months. The most recent incident occurred a few weeks ago when I awoke to five missed calls and three new messages. I knew something was up since I rarely receive any calls, let alone five in one day.

"Hey, it's Denise, the bartender from Franny's...." Fuuuuuck. This can't be good. "....you wouldn't happen to have my keys would you?"

Next Message

"Hey, Denise again. Just, really hoping you have my keys because I can't lock the bar...." This message is from six hours ago.

Last Message

"Heeeey, it's Denise again. I'm so sorry to keep calling and bothering you like this, but I really need to get home before 6:30 so I can get my son ready for school...."

18 April 2011

My Blog is Better than Facebook

Hey, you guys... I'm sorry for locking up my blog after a downward spiral of posting less and less; I decided to delete my facebook instead.

Facebook was a way to peek in on the lives of people I went to high school with or met this one time while I was out somewhere and despite reconnecting via facebook, our interactions never went beyond ... facebook ... and into real life.

Conversely, since I first started writing, my blog has connected me with many amazing people and given me real life friends. In other words, my blog is better than facebook.

And so is yours.

That's pretty fucking cool.

Day 174: pants dirty from tiling

Listening to: Modest Mouse - Convenient Parking

16 April 2011

Spaghetti Math

You may or may not remember a 2008 incident involving faulty pizza math. It cost three of us $68.22 ...for one pizza pie. Granted, a Pointersaurus pizza is so large that its box is a few inches wider than the standard front door, but $33.11 is still a lot to spend on toppings.

Last night I visited a never-heard-of-it-before pasta joint, Shepardo's Italian Villa. Good food, affordable prices, lovely atmosphere. I can't wait to go again. Between the two of us, our total bill was $17.95. Not bad considering two dinners were $12 and included salads, garlic bread and so much spaghetti that each of us had enough leftovers for another meal. The extras - three meatballs, mushrooms, green peppers, one soda and taxes - made up the other $5.95.

So the bill is $18. My portion is $10 and Jeff's is $8. We dig around in our wallets and I find a twenty, a five and four ones ($29). Jeff comes up with a twenty, a five and three ones ($28). We discuss a couple of arrangements and decide we're not going to be even, but whatever, someone will get the other person next time around.


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