30 April 2011

De la recepción muchachas detrás

According to the translator that came with my MacBook, De la recepción muchachas detrás is the proper Spanish translation of Welcome Back Girls. I have no clue how accurate this is because Yo no hablo español. In other words, I do not speak Spanish. More on that (and other stories of my Puerto Rico experience) in future blog posts.

Blake's Creation

Yesterday was a long, action-packed and adventure-filled day. Stacey and I checked out of our hostel early in the morning and explored Old San Juan until it was time to begin our journey to our final destination, Stacey's Boyfriend's apartment. After traveling for ten hours, awake for 20, and fueled by almost three hours of very interrupted sleep, we were greeted by what you see in the above photo.

....which neither of us noticed, even though it was prominently displayed in the living/bedroom zone of his studio apartment.

As he pointed it out I felt Blake's soul melt into a sad face. Ooof. Sorry about that, buddy. You should know that a friend of mine once commented on my ability to remain completely oblivious to very important details of my surroundings, "I hope to God you are never the only witness to a horrible crime."


Pay. Attention.
"I like disposable artwork."

Seriously. How could the both of us overlook that?

Listening to: Modest Mouse - Black Cadillacs

PS - Stacey is more than a sunburned booty.** She is Stacaroni Macaroni, Roani for short.


**If you don't get it, you aren't following my twitpic stream.

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  1. Glad to have you back...even if you are a sunburnt hot mess.



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