16 April 2011

Spaghetti Math

You may or may not remember a 2008 incident involving faulty pizza math. It cost three of us $68.22 ...for one pizza pie. Granted, a Pointersaurus pizza is so large that its box is a few inches wider than the standard front door, but $33.11 is still a lot to spend on toppings.

Last night I visited a never-heard-of-it-before pasta joint, Shepardo's Italian Villa. Good food, affordable prices, lovely atmosphere. I can't wait to go again. Between the two of us, our total bill was $17.95. Not bad considering two dinners were $12 and included salads, garlic bread and so much spaghetti that each of us had enough leftovers for another meal. The extras - three meatballs, mushrooms, green peppers, one soda and taxes - made up the other $5.95.

So the bill is $18. My portion is $10 and Jeff's is $8. We dig around in our wallets and I find a twenty, a five and four ones ($29). Jeff comes up with a twenty, a five and three ones ($28). We discuss a couple of arrangements and decide we're not going to be even, but whatever, someone will get the other person next time around.
Me: I have it figured out. You give me $8 and I'll give you my twenty.
Now I have two fives and seven ones ($17). He has two twenties ($40). 
Me: I'll pay $4 for the tip....
I have $13 and Jeff still has $40.
Me: And you'll owe me just a few dollars... five or six... six, I think.

Jeff: O... kaaayyy...
Taking into account future money, I now have $19 and Jeff has $34.

Me: And you'll pay with the twenty.
This means I have $13 now, but $19 in future money. Jeff has $16 now, $10 in future money.

Jeff: Dammit, girl! I gave you $8, owe you $6, AND have to put down $20!? That's $34 and you left a four dollar tip. ...You're like some sort of smooth-talking street artist, scheming me into paying $34 for a dang $18 meal! I'm broke and the weekend hasn't even started.

In case you missed that math, there was a two dollar difference in the price of each dinner and one dollar difference in our wallets. Once I created future money, I had $9 more than him. But Jeff was wrong, too, because he forgot about the $20 I gave him in exchange for his $8.

Our waitress gave each of us two tens for a twenty and after we paid, I had $17. Jeff should have $18.

I think.

Day 029: See I told you, Jeannette Eats Spaghetti
Self-portrait taken 10 July 2008 on McCausland Ave, St. Louis, MO.

Listening to: Modest Mouse - Shit Luck

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