31 May 2011

From here, I can see for miles

My favorite place on the planet is Miles Tomb and Cemetery.


I know it seems rather macabre, but it's one of the most serene and peaceful places I've ever been. On one hand it's cared for by people who love it; and on the other, it's graffitied and vandalized by people who couldn't care less.

May 2005:
Miles Tomb

October 2008:
Day 129: Visiting Miles Tomb

February 2009:

It was established as a beautiful place of burial, to be abandoned and forgotten, to be ransacked, overgrown and in complete disarray, to its current state - lovingly cared for by volunteers from surrounding communities. The following is what I wrote about Miles Tomb on 17 July 2008:

23 May 2011

Shit MY Dad Says

Father's Day ads are clearly not marketed toward my our Dad. He is a Boilermaker, a Skilled Laborer, and the farthest from anything represented in the typical Father's Day Buy This advertisement.

I live at least 100 miles from my family. My Dad and I haven't seen each other in a few months. His only day off is Sunday - and Sundays are my Wednesday. He spends his Sunday running errands to prepare for 6-tens. I work on Sundays. I spend Wednesday my Sundays doing the same thing as him - mowing grass and pulling weeds, doing laundry, cleaning, preparing meals to eat leftovers during the upcoming week, etc.

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We were both off work yesterday so I drove to Hannibal Palmyra where my Dad is working and has been living in a camper for the better part of three years, so we could spend time together and run errands, go grocery / thrift / Lowe's shopping, pick up and put away laundry, cook dinner and so on. In between doing that and this, the following conversation took place:

Me: ...Let me go to the bathroom before we leave.

Dad: Remember, you can't flush the toilet unless you take a shit.

Me: (giggling)

Dad: I'm serious!
You can't flush every time you go!
This is a camper, Jeannette.
Don't flush unless you shit.

Listening to: The Pimps - Now Michael, it's just T.V.

17 May 2011

Mosaic this. Mosaic that.

I hate keeping a secret.

I love sharing progress.

It's hard for me to not post photos and write about the mosaic I'm creating for DeShanee; we're doing an art trade and D wants to be surprised with the final product. I'm keeping mum.

I can reveal:
- it measures 16" x 36"
- the theme is Peacock Feathers.

I can show you this, which looks absolutely nothing like what I've made thus far, but you can see the materials involved:

Testing one two three

The end.

Listening to: Soul Coughing - I'm rolling

09 May 2011

You should probably just go ahead and follow Plan B

The trip to Puerto Rico was impromptu:
Step one: buy plane tickets to and from the island.
Step two: pack a towel and some TP.
Step three: laze about on the beach in between flights.

That was the extent of our plan.

We followed Plan B for our entire trip. "There's the thing you plan to do, and then there's the thing you end up doing," This American Life.

Enjoy the view

We planned to spend time on the beach. That being the depth of our expectation made it easy to relax and enjoy whatever we encountered... even though we encountered a lot of rain in the beginning. I've traveled with some challenging people in the past, so it was fun to have an adventure with someone who is spontaneous, willing to try new things, change plans and overall be flexible with every aspect of their surroundings.

We arrived Monday afternoon in San Juan and it was beautiful, warm, sunny and the smell of the ocean filled the air. By the time we found a ride and made our way to Rincón, several hours had passed, we were on a different part of the island and it was raining. Let me digress for a moment to say there's nothing like being dropped off in the dark in front of a closed hostel, in the rain, and feeling uncertain if this is correct place. Luckily Stacey called a few days ahead because it only took ten minutes of pre-panicked investigating to discover a set of keys for us in the mailbox with a note to check in sometime the next day before 7pm. Whew.

04 May 2011

This blog post is literally about the contents of my suitcase.

Packing is a concern every time I travel; I don't want to leave behind something I absolutely need and I certainly don't want to drag around pounds of crap I never end up using. Packing extremely light is an endeavor where you must be okay with wearing certain articles of clothing multiple times.

Do you want to drag a heavy suitcase up and down these stairs?

Here's the part where the story gets boring.

03 May 2011

I don't look a day over 32

Happy 33rd Birthday

(to me).

Happy 33rd Birthday
Lazing under palm trees on a beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico. 27 April 2011

Listening to: Modest Mouse - Styrofoam Boots/It's All Nice on Ice, Alright

02 May 2011

Sights and Sounds

An unforgettable moment occurred three hours before we were due to begin our journey to San Juan Airport, Stacey inadvertently reformatted her camera's memory card deleting all the photos and videos it held. We knew that all was not lost because I took a lot of pictures; we were sad to lose her perspective.

I am admittedly distracted from the glaringly obvious, but it might be because I am fascinated with and focused on the oddest of details. I have a tendency to take photos of the things that most people want to ignore or don't seem to care too much about. I photograph random scenes all the time.

Pizza Truck on the beach


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