23 May 2011

Shit MY Dad Says

Father's Day ads are clearly not marketed toward my our Dad. He is a Boilermaker, a Skilled Laborer, and the farthest from anything represented in the typical Father's Day Buy This advertisement.

I live at least 100 miles from my family. My Dad and I haven't seen each other in a few months. His only day off is Sunday - and Sundays are my Wednesday. He spends his Sunday running errands to prepare for 6-tens. I work on Sundays. I spend Wednesday my Sundays doing the same thing as him - mowing grass and pulling weeds, doing laundry, cleaning, preparing meals to eat leftovers during the upcoming week, etc.

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We were both off work yesterday so I drove to Hannibal Palmyra where my Dad is working and has been living in a camper for the better part of three years, so we could spend time together and run errands, go grocery / thrift / Lowe's shopping, pick up and put away laundry, cook dinner and so on. In between doing that and this, the following conversation took place:

Me: ...Let me go to the bathroom before we leave.

Dad: Remember, you can't flush the toilet unless you take a shit.

Me: (giggling)

Dad: I'm serious!
You can't flush every time you go!
This is a camper, Jeannette.
Don't flush unless you shit.

Listening to: The Pimps - Now Michael, it's just T.V.


  1. I was totally expecting that conversation to have at LEAST one f-bomb. I'm so disappointed right now.

  2. Believe me... the eff-bomb was used many, many times during the day.



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