02 May 2011

Sights and Sounds

An unforgettable moment occurred three hours before we were due to begin our journey to San Juan Airport, Stacey inadvertently reformatted her camera's memory card deleting all the photos and videos it held. We knew that all was not lost because I took a lot of pictures; we were sad to lose her perspective.

I am admittedly distracted from the glaringly obvious, but it might be because I am fascinated with and focused on the oddest of details. I have a tendency to take photos of the things that most people want to ignore or don't seem to care too much about. I photograph random scenes all the time.

Pizza Truck on the beach

Stacey preserves moments with short videos. Watching her record time and time again led me to try it myself at random points during our trip. I shot my first video the other day and let me summarize that I do much better keeping my mouth shut; I am horrible at live commentary. I need an opportunity to collect and organize my thoughts, hopefully circumventing awkward moments before they are allowed to happen. It is clear from this video that I have yet to realize the "for posterity's sake" aspect of said recording.

My fear is that while capturing my uncensored thoughts I might record an embarrassing moment ... like the time I asked a 38 year-old customer if he was eligible for our Senior Citizen discount, which requires that you be 55.  I didn't quite do that on the video below, but it is obvious that I have nothing poignant to say.

Listening to Pizza Music

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