04 July 2011

That mosaic I've been working on for months

Due to technical difficulties and stuff, I'm not able to upload the progressive photos to flickr, but I have a few taken with my phone.
This piece, entitled Peacock Cornstalks, measures 16" x 25".
For a better size reference, the circle tiles are the same size as a penny.

@delami713's mosaic!!

Mosaic detail

Definitely one of the more intricate mosaics I've created.

Listening to: Salt - Honour Me


  1. I'm glad I was fortunate to see it in person - it's absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. I'm watching antiques road show, so how apropos. I could see this in the future being worth a pretty penny! (Of course, you'll probably be long dead by then) For now, all I can do is reiterate the other comments theme. Simply beautiful! You undoubtedly have lots of talent, bravo.



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