28 September 2011

No Girls, No Books, No Nerds

I took these photos yesterday at my neighbor's house.

Pictures on my phone

If you know me at all, you know I make a habit of taking a lot of photos of a lot of random things. Since getting an iPhone I rarely carry my camera, but I still photograph that and this whenever I can.

Here's a sampling...
- one of the handmade signs you might find at Food Fantasies. Dogfood is, by far, our best sign maker.

27 September 2011

I met @Roseyland in Beardstown on Sunday

I didn't buy a lousy t-shirt, but I did have a great time.

24 September 2011

I had fun last night

I rode to Beardstown with nil8 to watch them and Funky Circus Fleas play at a little place called Central Tavern. Both shows rocked!

Everyone was friendly as could be and I'm looking forward to going back......tomorrow, when I meet up with @Roseyland to explore watermelon country.

23 September 2011

If this were twitter...

...I would totally hashtag this pic #roommatelife

18 September 2011

I gave myself a haircut

Short hair is weird.

17 September 2011

This angle

...hides imperfection well.

13 September 2011

62 hours

....Not including research, planning, conceptualizing and gathering materials. That whole getting-ready part took too many weeks, but the project seemed to pick up pace once I actually started on it.

I'm usually horrible about keeping track of time and have no idea how long most of my projects take. That's inspired me to be diligent with a timesheet.

12 September 2011


I've been fretting about tiling the inside of this blue jean sun, but I'm feeling more confident after successfully tiling the background......and adding orange guidelines.

Now I am free to focus my worries on drumming up enough shiny bicycle spokes.

10 September 2011

Moving right along

My workspace is a perpetual mess, but dig my new ROTATING work table courtesy of Wisconsin Geoff!

09 September 2011


I had some sort of 6th sense for picking the worst 25 or so tiles from the 150 I dumped out.

Testing, testy, testes

As much as I post to instagram, tumblr, flickr and posterous, I thought I should learn how to post a blog from me ayePhone.


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