16 December 2012

So that was a really good idea

A little less apple and this drink would have been perfect.

2 bananas
2.5 apples
8 strawberries
11 blackberries
25 raspberries

14 December 2012

But wait.... there IS hope

Because I hate to leave anything on a negative note, I'm posting twice in one day!

While I feel hopeless in my current job, I attended the Illinois Stewardship Alliance's annual meeting on Monday and it was quite uplifting. There are a lot of people who are making great things happen for the planet and their community. Specifically, I was excited to meet Alex Poltorak and learn of The Urban Canopy in Chicago. It's nice to know there are passionate people making innovative changes and serving as a good example and inspiration to others. I'm waiting to hear back from Alex and can't wait to meet up with him for a tour.

I'm so ready to make a career change and I kind of know what I want, but I don't really know what I want so that's tough. I know what I want to make a positive difference and do something with food and sustainability, but I'm still directionless. But I'm searching, so eventually I will find my way. I just need to keep running into progressive people who share my passions for sustainable agriculture, local food systems, local jobs, accessibility for all people to these foods, knowledge, empowerment - growing your own food IS empowering!

My garden is 43' x 7'

My current manager wants us to believe that none of these things are possible or worth the effort to work toward change. We are reprimanded for innovation and extra effort. It's a challenging work environment, to say the least.

Monday's ISA meeting had a great impact on me. There IS hope. There ARE passionate people who want to do great things for others, help people who need access to good, healthy food. People who want to make a difference. I need to connect with the right people, people who share my passions.

Today I officially joined the ISA. I believe in their mission to "promote environmentally sustainable, economically viable, socially just local food systems through policy development, advocacy and education." Membership is very affordable, so you should join, too.


12 December 2012

My Dad is Awasome

None of my other friend's dads are into "bad ass head banger shit."

My dad rocks

I asked Wisconsin Geoff to make a Pantera CD for my dad and my dad said, "Thanks! But I don't have a CD player. I have a tape player, VCR and an am/fm stereo, but no CD player. I'll keep this CD though. "

My Dad and his latest thrifting score

Listening to - A bad ass King Khan mix on YouTube

28 November 2012

My favorite plant

Oxalis Triangularis

A captivating purple shamrock with triangle-shaped leaves that close at night and open up again during the day.

I've had this particular plant since I moved to Springfield a few years ago. I transplanted it in May, it went into a short hibernation, then bounced back quickly and just keeps getting bigger. It has recently developed its first few flowers since the transplant, so that's been a happy surprise.

It seems to like indirect sun, moderate temperature and for the soil to stay moist. It's easy to care for, vibrant and interesting. I love my Love Plant.



 Listening to: Shannon and the Clams

23 November 2012

We took pictures of each other

Circa 1996-99. Travis and I at Miles Cemetery overlooking the Columbia Bottoms.

We used disposable cameras and took a picture of each other at the same time.

Listening to: king khan and BBQ show

22 November 2012

Get Your Life Together, says the Post-It

I sit on the floor at the foot of my bed to do my hair and makeup, which takes all of 8 minutes to apply eye shadow and mascara and then run some Beautiful Curls Shea Butter in my freshly-showered, therefore really wet hair. (I hate mornings.)

I blogged about this photo.

I've sat in front of the same mirror since I was a teenager, hence the Local H sticker...and all of the stickers, which are circa 1994-1996. At the top there's a neon orange flower sticker from Hullabaloo in St. Louis, MO, stickers for Ultrafink and Goldfinger, and a fish sticker because I was really into fish back then (the creatures which swim in water, definitely not Phish; I tried and tried, but never could get into them). 

"Get Your Life Together" is one of my favorite quotes from Shaun of the Dead. Shaun wakes up to those words he had drunkenly written himself and tries really hard throughout the movie to heed this advice. Often he makes mistakes but he still makes an effort to do the right thing and eventually, he manages to get his life together.

Listening to: Mark Sultan - Misery's Upon Us


20 November 2012

Quick Pics

Last weekend I visited my family and had a lot of fun just hanging out with my parents, brother and brother's basically-stepsons.

My dad showed off his thrifted boom box.
My Dad and his latest thrifting score

And I inherited this awesome radio because of his thrift find.
I finally have indoor am/fm radio!

My mom glued pennies to the floor.
Mosaic floor

My brother and I ran errands, visited Local Harvest and then ate at the Royale. We had such a great time that I never even had a moment to take pictures. 

Listening to: King Khan & The Shrines - Land of the Freak

13 November 2012

Scheufele Mosaic

After finishing the Vulture Mosaic (and that whole trade fell through...so now I'm not sure what's going to happen to that thing!) I immediately started on a commissioned piece for Chris Scheufele, but I had to keep it under wraps, as it was a surprise for his wife for their anniversary.

Here are a few progress shots, though more are available via flickr.

This was my original sketch and color suggestions from which to work from.

After that, I got busy!

Original Idea





The Scheufeles appreciated this mosaic much more than I expected and it feels really good to know they enjoy it.

04 November 2012

Jeannette-ically Modified Post

(Note: Prop 37 did not pass. Booo.)

I've been thinking of posting something, anything about GMOs for quite a while. But this blog is more of a creative outlet, an online journal, really. After years of this, it's morphed into a public way for me to share personal thoughts with my mom. I always think about her when I post. Per the news, I feel like I'm supposed to only post things with future employers in mind, but I just think about my mom.

While I do post about foods, I don't get too in-depth. I have another url for that though I have never used it. I have a vision in mind but I have never acted upon it. Maybe when I get a better computer...one that isn't so old that when I update firefox it suggests I "Get a new computer."

I digress.

I used to be junketarian. For fourteen years I didn't eat meat. Instead, I ate a lot of junk food. I rarely ever ate a raw fruit or vegetable. These days I grow my own fruits and vegetables!
I probably harvested my kohlrabi too late.

Nowadays I am more concerned about eating foods fit for human consumption than whether or not it's a fruit, vegetable, dairy product, or meat. I look at nutrition labels and it helps me avoid ingredients that are actually chemicals. But there is no label to tell anyone if the food or chemical they consume is based on genetically modified ingredients. Last weekend I visited my mom and when I mentioned GMOs, she had never heard of them.

At work I hand out a GMO pamphlet received from my Dr. Bronner's rep, which was published in part with the non-GMO project. Because it's after 8pm on a Sunday and I'm tired as heck, I'm going to just type some things from that pamphlet, and also paraphrase:

What are GMOs?

GMOs, or "genetically modified organisms," are plants or animals created through the gene splicing techniques of biotechnology (also called genetic engineering or GE). This experimental technology merges DNA from different species, creating unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacterial and viral genes that cannot occur in nature or traditional crossbreeding.
Virtually all GMOs are engineered to withstand direct application of herbicide and/or to produce an insecticide. Despite biotech industry promises, none of the GMO traits on the market offer increased yield, drought tolerance, enhanced nutrition, or any other consumer benefit.

Meanwhile, a growing body of evidence connects GMOs with health problems, environmental damage and violation of farmer's and consumer's rights.

Are GMOs Safe to Eat?

Most developed nations do not consider GMOs to be safe and instill significant restrictions or outright ban production and sale of GMO products. For some reason, monetary reasons I am sure, the US government approves GMOs. They cite supportive evidence based on studies conducted by the same corporations who who create them and profit from their use.

Are GMOs Labeled?


What are the Impacts of GMOs on the Environment?

Over 80% of all GMOs grown worldwide are engineered for herbicide tolerance. GMO crops are responsible for the emergence of "super bugs" and "super weeds." GMOs are a direct extension of chemical agriculture and are developed and sold by the world's biggest chemical companies. Long-term impacts of GMOs are unknown.

Which foods might be GMO?

The following foods are at risk for being genetically engineered.
Corn (at least 80% of corn and corn products, like High Fructose Corn Syrup)
Sugar Beets
Yellow Summer Squash

The following foods are considered high-risk by the non-GMO project:
Honey and other bee products

The more I learn, the more I realize that this information isn't complete, nor is it helpful. I mean, maybe it gives one a starting point to think - but there is a lot of food to fear. Most of the available foods seem to stem from science, not traditional agriculture. We're eating chemicals.

27 October 2012

Pictures are memories

I'm uploading photos from my old PC to flickr and wanted to document a few that caught my eye. I don't feel like I've gone through a metamorphosis, but when I look at pictures from only a few years ago it allows me to remember the ups, downs and changes I've experienced.
(I didn't finish uploading my photos, so I'm posting this entry as is.) 

Old and New Busch Stadiums, 23 November 2005.
I took this picture from an upper floor of the Eagleton building. Cameras aren't allowed inside since it's a federal courthouse, however, at this time I was a regular visitor for my Account Manager position at BCBSMo and I had a good relationship with my contact there. She worked it out with security so I could take photographs the day before Thanksgiving when court would not be in session.

CJ4 in WY 10.03
This picture of my brother is one of my favorites. It's from a trip to visit him at school in Laramie, WY in October 2003. I also went to Denver on this same road trip.

WY16 1.04 (Abe)
A few months later I went to Laramie again and along the way I spotted Abe.
I had no idea that in five years I'd be living in Springfield, IL.

Once my cousin Christine and I got lost in the woods on a hiking trip.

Good lord, Christine's 30th Birthday sure was a lot of fun!

I was riding in the back of my Aunt Laura's van on our way to the City Museum when I snapped this picture.

Two-headed Snake
We saw a two-headed snake that day.

A few months later (September 20005) I saw the ocean for my very first time!

This picture was taken a couple days after my visit to the ocean. I'm with Liz, who was my boss at the time. She was a great influence in my life. I sure do love and miss that woman.

Listening to: Face Candy - Pillow Bite

You have the answers
I wish I had the answers
I know you have the answers
I severely feel like I don't know
I severely feel like I'm so froze
severely feel like I should severely feel
When I can get out of that early clearly eery field
And let your ears just peel
she probably missed the first one
Missed the first one
But still I was the first one
That real person
To see another person as a person
And when other people don't see you as such
I know the feeling is naturally hurting
It's okay
It's okay
You're not alone
You're not alone
The wind doesn't blow that way
Cause from where I stay
The wind blows us away from the rest
And together
So we can put ourselves on display for the world
So we can say this is major
This is secret
This is deep shit
This is not but just a weekend favor
This is real
This is something that'll last much longer
Something that's so much later
Something that's so much stronger
Something that's conquered
The monsters that live inside the circuitry
And why are we so purposely
You hired me to first see
What water was spilled
What daughter had guilt
Because she wasn't loved right
What sunshine never really feels lovely
Where do we take ourselves
Where do we carry ourselves
Embrace ourselves
Before we break our help
Cause the only thing we're looking at is the scraping
Melting trees that are scathing
Bathing in the dissected unprotected corrected scathing
That we're all losing
We're bruising the inside of the teeth biting on the same thing
But I'm here
To rip your jaws open even when they're clinched tight
I'm here
I'm here to shed tears
I'm here to stay up all night
I'm here
And I'll never leave
I'll never leave you
I'll never leave you
I'll never leave you
I'll always believe you
I'll always be-leave you
So put the be in front of it
Put the bumblebee for the birds and the bees
That I guess naturally are running this
Fucking emotional chemical imbalance
That we have
But it's all I have
So I'm fucking glad
And one day I'll be a dad
And we'll walk and the shadows won't seem that deep
The shadows won't come up when we're asleep
The shadows won't weep for me no more
Cause I'm leaving all the fucking graveyards behind
And I'm polishing up my mind
And I'm leaving you
with one thing to know
I'm yours you're mine
And if the world doesn't know that's fine
we decide
(I'll never leave you)

14 October 2012

Triple S Farms

I was lucky to visit Triple S Farms today. It was an eye-opening experience to talk with Stan and learn what it means to raise food (animals, meat, hamburger, bacon, Thanksgiving turkey) and feed them well, treat them well, give these animals a well-cared-for life with plenty of food, water, shelter and as little stress as possible.

It's late, I should be sleeping. But y'all should know (and by y'all, I mean my mom) that today was super awesome.

03 October 2012

Kids these daze

At first I thought she was heckling me but then I realized she just wanted to talk about Halloween....

There I was, minding my own business, meandering in the shoe area at a thrift store when suddenly a girl says to me, "Hey! How old are you?"


"Well, you don't dress like it.
Most grown-ups wouldn't wear those shoes with that skirt."

Then she called me short.

I asked her how old I looked and she first answered six, but quickly changed her answer to twelve. I asked her if this was a good or bad thing and she said it was good to look younger.

Then she asked me what I wanted to be for Halloween. I don't have a costume picked out yet because I'm not doing anything which will require me to dress up. She's dressing up as a ghost, but she doesn't really want to be a ghost. She wasn't mad about it, but her mom picked out her costume and she wanted to decide.

Just when I started wondering how I was going to get out of this conversation, a worker announced that we had exactly five seconds to make a purchase.

02 October 2012

RnR :: Three if by One

------- Playlist :: 2 October 2012 ----------------------
Eggs couldn't make it to the show today and it's always lonely if one of us has to go at it alone. I played the show in blocks of three. It was fun and I couldn't tell if I was doing a good job. It helps when people call in. 
Tina called in to say I was doing a good job and the show was balanced.
Some dude called in and said, "What song's playing now?" It was The Detroit Cobras - I'll Keep Holding On, He hung up and I immediately pulled up the song lyrics and Ctrl+F'd every cuss word on the FCC No-No list.  

1. Oblivians - Blew My Cool
2. Oblivians - Sunday You Need Love
3. Oblivians - Static Party
4. The Strange Boys - Woe is You and Me
5. The Strange Boys - My Life Beats Me
6. The Strange Boys - Be Brave
7. Jay Reatard - Always Wanting More
8. Jay Reatard - Fluorescent Grey
9. Jay Reatard - Hammer I Miss You
10. Rancid - Dope Sick Girl
11. Rancid - Hyena
12. Rancid - The Bottle
13. Black Lips - Gentle Violence
14. Black Lips - Trapped in a Basement
15. Black Lips - Time of the Scab
16. River City Tanlines - Whenever I Rot
17. River City Tanlines - He Said Yeah
18. River City Tanlines - Bummer in the Summer

26 September 2012

We have fun together

I've graduated from photos to short videos. Pictures are not enough; I need to capture life's minutia in 10-90 second blocks.

If you believe in those who can see the future, you may have either watched one of their shows or visited them in person to get some insight into your own life. They never tell you about the tiny moments. They only tell you about the big stuff.
          Someone you were close to died.
      You're going to die sooner than you want to.
Maybe you can live on the moon in next century.*
                  It is a nice day.*
      Never trouble trouble til trouble troubles you.*
If you continually give, you will continually have.*
          Now is the time to set your sights high and go for it.*
     Yadda yadda yadda. 
*Fortune-cookie fortunes in my wallet.

I'd rather focus on each tiny, small instance and think of my time in blocks of ten seconds here, four minutes there. I don't want to categorize my experiences, summarize them, shave off all the details so my one week fits into a three-sentence description. Each moment, experience, few seconds, all the little stuff strings together into a long blurred-together thing I feel like is - life. Feeling those moments - is living.

The things that are important to me, the seconds and minutes that make me feel alive and think and wonder and discover, the majority of the billions of humans on the planet wouldn't even care about. And that's why life is so cool. 

25 September 2012

RnR :: Still Can't Get It Right After All These Years....At Least Val Was Listening....

------25 September 2012 Playlist-------------------------
Eggs and I had a lot of fun on today's show. I wish I would've written about it right after the show. At least I do have a video (the song it's after, that's the song playing when this video was taken.)

1. Biters - Melody for Lovers
2. Insubordinates - The Outer Limits
3. Jay Reatard - Let It All Go
4. Retainers - Blue Jean Attack
5. King Tuff - Just Strut
6. Old 97's - Stoned
7. Sleep - Dragonaut
8. Jack O'Fire - Western Arizona

24 September 2012

The Owl

I finally finished that owl! I thought it'd make a great present for Amy's birthday.

The Owl

It still needs grout; I probably won't get to that until this weekend, but that's a faster pace than what this project has been used to. I tiled the owl two years ago, made the tree a year ago, then tiled the background over a weekend.

Listening to: The Strange Boys

22 September 2012

Someday I'll Learn

...how to get a pizza out of the oven without burning myself.

18 September 2012

RnR :: Jen's Show

A close friend of Eggs' has been in the hospital for a while now, dying. 

While Jen has been comatose, Eggs visits her regularly. Eggs thinks of her. She talks of Jen's health, her life and her life choices; this and so much more weighs heavily on Eggs. 

So we spent this show talking a lot about life and death and what it means to be and feel alive and what death means and how to accept death.  

We didn't speak of all these things on the air because it's too personal for Eggs right now. But once again, what we communicate to each other behind the scenes while everyone else hears music, the importance of our conversations cannot be weighed or measured against anything else that I have encountered on this planet.
----Noodles--26 Sept 2012---------------------------


1. Child Molesters - I'm Gonna Punch You In The Face
2. American Death Ray - Baby Lightning
3. Buffalo Killers - Let it Ride
4. Murder City Devils - Rum to Whiskey
5. GG Allin - Unpredictable
6. Jay Reatard - Oh It's Such a Shame
7. Pennywise - Waste of Time ***

13 September 2012


I've been thinking about Otis all day.

An unexpected death is a strong reminder for me to appreciate each moment and focus on the positive aspects of life that I need to be consciously thankful for. There are many great things happening to me every single day and if my life should end abruptly, I want it to end on a positive note. Being happy all the time seems like a lofty goal, especially when you take into consideration PMS and the irritabilities that occur while interacting with other human beings.
All I can do is try.

I wrote down a quote and regretfully did not manage to capture who said it, so if I went before Judge Judy and tried to quote this statement, she would throw it out as hearsay.
I should be grateful for what I have, because I didn't expect any of this.
- Unknown
Damn straight.

Today I came home to find a lot of really nice messages from people who saw the vulture mosaic on flickr. Some have been commenting on my photos for a long time, others were complete strangers. Their words brightened my day. I appreciate when people take a moment out of their life and dedicate it to me.

Thank you ree-creation-mosaics, anna_dc, Remygem, dixlips, and Lucia Vanhoof. I especially want to thank Nathan Renzor for writing, "I LOVE IT for So many reasons, the texture, the spot of color and face detail, great wings., the bone..... I could go on. GREAT!" I also appreciated reading, "This is so good, the texture in the feathers and the background are amazing" from Joolz

I am sending double-extra Mahalos to Salvation Art for following my progress and cheering me on for months and also to Terry Nichols for sending me an encouraging email.

My favorite comment was from ratherbmosaicing, who wrote, "This is absolutely an amazing piece. It's spectacular, magnificent. The details just blow my mind. The texture, andamento blending/merging of the colors in the black/white/gray in the feathers, beak, bone, claws, neck feathers, the anger in his eye. My dear - what could be better about this piece? It's outstanding."

WOW. Thank you everyone!!


Listening to: The Strange Boys - No Way for a Slave to Behave

12 September 2012

RIP Otis

Otis had to be euthanized today. This was very sudden.

I don't yet have words.

Day 140: This is Otis

Day 283: Goofing around with Otis

Day 279: St. Patrick's Day at home


You are missed.

11 September 2012

RnR :: Mulletards? Happy Neineelleffen!!!!

Playlist for 11 September 2012 


1. David Allen - War Path
2. Gizmos - Progressive Rock
3. The Detroit Cobras - Putty (In Your Hands)
4. the Mummies - Victim of Circumstances
5. Screeching Weasel - The Science of Myth
6. Graveyard - Thin Line
7. the Dickies - Walk Like an Egg
8. White Lung - Bad Way
9. The Cramps - Wet Nightmare
10. Personal and the Pizzas - Never Find Me

The Vulture

Now that it's tiled, I need to put this project on hold before I grout it so I can start something else!

07 September 2012

I feel like I look like this when I dance when nobody's looking

Everybody dances when no one's looking.
And everyone feels like they look good effing amazing.

I feel like I look like this

But in reality I look like this

I prefer to look like the guy in The Black Keys video.
He's definitely having more fun than the average bear.

04 September 2012

RnR :: We Played Eye-Spy In an Insane Asylum.....with Ryan and the Ctrl-V's

Hey You Guys
-- it's the --
Playlist for 4 September 2012

Eggs and I haven't DJ'd together in a couple of weeks and it was refreshing to be together again. It's just a couple of hours that we play music together on Tuesdays, but it's amazing to spend time with Jodi. She is deeply expressive and well-versed. She analyzes emotions, reactions and situations concisely and precisely - in an instant - and relays back to me what I could never observe on my own. Eggs gives good therapy, man.

Enough with the Bromance. 

She introduced me to The Monsters. I love heavy music and they deliver. 

== ==   Also   == == 

Our shows are always named in an instant as we're putting the playlist online. We tend to sum up a single event or overall feeling, or combine a few things. It's fun.

Today's show was named because I received a text request, but I had not given my number on the air in the last month. We joked on air about how we should require photos with each text request and within minutes I received photos of our listener's apartment. It was a lot of fun, and the dude's name is Ryan.

After the show, Eggs was trying to put the day's show playlist on facebook and copy/paste wouldn't work. I suggested Ctrl-C then Ctrl-V and BOOM it worked. 

Hence, the second half of the show's title.

Here I am.

1. The Demons Claws - Blood on my Fangs
2. The Spits - Take Back the Alley
3. T. Rex - Jeepster
4. Thee Oh Sees - The Drag

01 September 2012

15 years ago my Dad taught me an exit strategy

In this photo I was 19 and my dad was 41.

We (I wonder what my mom and brother were doing that day?) went to a family reunion / 40th birthday party for three people, two of which were not even turning 40. My dad explained that the family was so big, they were getting tired of throwing parties so they decided to ball up the last three into one just to get them out of the way.

I don't remember anyone's names or where this was, I just remember it nestled within cornfields down a long gravel road.

When my dad had his fill of catching up with everyone, he drank the last of his beer, crumpled the can in his hand and said "let's go!" We didn't even say goodbye, just walked to his truck, telling anyone who asked what we were up to, that we were getting drinks from his cooler.

We were parked down the road but had to turn around and drive past the party. My dad just honked and waved. It was fun.

I use that exit strategy often. I hate saying goodbye.

Listening to: Thee Oh Sees - Contraption/Soul Desert

30 August 2012

My sunflowers are very tall

I planted these sunflowers from seed on 24 May. They grew much taller than I expected them to, shading my Brussels sprouts so much that they never produced food.

Okra is that tall stuff in the front. Broccoli is just behind the okra. Chard is at my feet. Peppers, Brussels sprouts and tomatoes are behind me. I chopped down the cornstalks weeks ago.

Kevin McKenzie warned me not to underestimate how big each plant will get. That's been one of the best pieces of gardening advice I've received. It's very easy to crowd one plant out by another. My okra towers over me and two broccoli plants, two tomato plants and a baby blackberry bush.

The corn was also planted too close together, but it survived because I watered them plenty. Next year I will plant a new row each week for 4-6 weeks. Corn is mature and ready to eat 60 days after planting, so this will ensure I have fresh corn for a couple of months.

Pictures from Indianapolis

I went to Indianapolis last weekend for work but I never posted my photos to instagram....I'm thinking about deleting my account. I'm taking photos of my life for me. This blog should be the place that I collect my experiences, not on a photo-sharing site where people can vote if they like my photos or not.

That's why I have a Flickr account.

It's too late tonight to explain the pictures, so maybe I'll update this post over the weekend. Or not.

Some photos are from the weekend of 25-26 Aug, when I was in Indianapolis for Food Fantasies purposes. The other photos are from the previous weekend, when I was there acting as a Marketing Representative for a friend selling his artwork at a bicycle race.


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