31 January 2012

Dishes and Dishes and Dishes

I love going to thrift stores and perusing the dishes. The selection always rotates from one interesting design to another and I never get bored sifting through the varying shades of blue and green, the rare reds and yellows, florals, fruits and vegetables and the patterns and prints - oh my!

I chopped up a dozen of these bad boys!

Dishes are always affordable, usually less than a dollar each, and they make great mosaic material. But some dishes are too interesting or sentimental to destroy. Besides my crazy wall of plates, no two of my dinner plates are alike.

24 January 2012

This kid made my day

There are so many great people who come through Food Fantasies, it's hard not to leave work with a smile on my face.

19 January 2012

Mosaic Stuff

With all the time I've saved via not blogging, I've spent more and more time on mosaics. I'm working on one now that measures 24" x 44" and modeled after a quilted table runner my mom made for me for Christmas. I'm using broken dishes for the tesserae, though I may use smalti for the background. I'm undecided at this point.

The inspiration:
AWESOME table runner my mom made! cc: @mrsshoo

The mosaic, during the sketching process:
Day 022: figuring it out

The mosaic, so far:
Quick! Dark, multi-colored tiles? Or white with flowers?

Eesh! Sorry for the crappy photos! They looked better on my phone.


11 January 2012

Roommate Life: it ain't so bad

Me: Are you sure you don't feel like going to the gas station and putting gas in my car? It's supposed to snow tomorrow.

WI Geoff: Sure. Let me wait until the washer stops so I can put clothes in the dryer.


The last time I got gas in my car, he put it in there. He also put up storm windows and fixed the gutter (that he broke back in July ;). Shoot, he even puts the seat down after he pees.

Come to think of it, he's done my laundry several times, delivered me Happy Meals, mowed grass, torn down my garden at the end of the season, takes trash to the alley, picks up dead animals my dogs kill, fixes stuff around the house, found me a replacement bicycle and actually, he gave me that bike that just got stolen.

We date other people, so we get or own room -and- he pays me to live here.

Having a roommate isn't so bad.

02 January 2012

Doomsday 2012

The thing about the Mayan Calendar, it had to end sometime.

Or should it have been carved to infinity?

Nowadays we keep track of time digitally and on paper, neither of which can be expected to last forever; future beings will investigate our remains thousands of years from now and wonder how we kept track of time and shared information.



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