31 January 2012

Dishes and Dishes and Dishes

I love going to thrift stores and perusing the dishes. The selection always rotates from one interesting design to another and I never get bored sifting through the varying shades of blue and green, the rare reds and yellows, florals, fruits and vegetables and the patterns and prints - oh my!

I chopped up a dozen of these bad boys!

Dishes are always affordable, usually less than a dollar each, and they make great mosaic material. But some dishes are too interesting or sentimental to destroy. Besides my crazy wall of plates, no two of my dinner plates are alike.

My set of china. No two are alike.

A few plates I bought with the intention of using them and not breaking or displaying them, particularly the upper -left and bottom-left plates. My favorite plate to eat off of is the white one all the way to the left. It used to be my mom's and I couldn't believe she didn't want it anymore. It was her plate. You know, that one she always used because it's not too big and not too small. Now it's the first one I grab.

Another one I love is the multi-colored floral in the center of the bottom row. It's from an incomplete set of dishes my dad bought from goodwill as a present when I first moved to Springfield. He's thoughtful in that way.

The plate in the upper right-hand corner, the one with the brown trim, that's the dish that made up the ventriloquist-sock monkey's body. The white one just under and to the right of it is from my Great Grandma and Grandpa Hanczewski's set of dishes. I recently saw this same set at Goodwill, but I did not buy it for fear of mixing them up with my original set.

Heck, I even have plates I think about and miss. Most notably, the rainbow-striped set I used to own.

RIP Beautiful Dishes. You are missed.

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  1. That's a pretty one.... I want it!

  2. I guess when I left my first message I hadn't read all of your blog. I'm glad you use 'my' old plate when you eat! That way you'll think of me once in awhile... I know you don't eat much... (;
    The pretty one I originally mentioned is the first photo - I really like the pattern!!



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