17 February 2012

Cooking with Dog Food

I should be in bed now, but I'm still fired up from tonight's cooking class. I knew it would be successful, but everything worked out better than I imagined and anticipated. Christopher is a great educator and awesome human being.

Class is in session!

Chris is prepping for tonight's cooking class!

Hooray for 2am!

Homer is not happy with me!!

Listening to: White Rabbits - Kid on my Shoulders

03 February 2012

Three Ingredient* Cookie Recipe

The other night I was telling my mom about a cooking class I'm orchestrating for Food Fantasies at the Pasfield House. I started to write a big long thing about it, but it's 10 pm on Friday night, tomorrow is my only day off and I'm trying to relax a bit. For now, let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed the trial cooking class we held on Wednesday! Meet my good friend and coworker, Dogfood. (His real name is Chris Sommer, but you know how it works, some call me Spaghetti, others call me Noodles, I get Jeannette-E quite a bit, and then there's the occasional Waa-Naa-Net....)

Anyway, Dogfood's giving (teaching!) the class on February 16th at 6pm at the Pasfield House. Click on that last link for more details. Go on - click it!

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the cookie recipe....


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