10 March 2012

I like taking pictures A LOT; here's a sampling

I don't give many details about my photos so let me know if you want the story behind any of them.

Batman stopped by @FoodFanta today! Super cute! Another cool kid. I didn't know my iPhone worked like this, too This Note found inside a library book: Man's Search for Meaning - Viktor Frankl One of my most favorite people on the planet! Life's great questions Bonus For a while there I thought the smalti was a mistake, but now I like this #mosaic again. The bike shop in my basement. Homer is not happy with me!! Shawny Boo and Brooklynn Actually where I sleep (I only make my bed on clean sheet day and for special occasions) Here Stacey's mom setting the timer Day 016: Hannah took a picture of me taking a picture of me.

1 comment:

  1. Per the results of my informal survey, nobody wants the details behind my photos; minimal info is all that's necessary. Dually noted.



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