20 March 2012

RnR :: Welcome Noodles!!!

20 March 2012

This was my very first show. I never imagined myself to be a DJ. I have a horrible voice, mumble a lot, speak monotone: boring, if you will.

One night I had dinner with Jodi, Eggs, as she's known on the show, and I asked her if I could come see the studio because I'd never been inside of a radio station before. She said the guy she'd been hosting the show with (Lee, aka Steak) for the last few years had moved away. She asked if I would be her side kick. I said yes. 

And this was my first show. I said nothing. I was in shock. It was weird. 

Then I went home and realized, "Hm. We get to talk about stuff and play music. I see how this works."

It's fun. 

I'm lucky.

--- Noodles - 19 May 2012 -----------------------

Welcome Noodles!!!

August got me to smile! I love my @FoodFanta family!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Playlist this week!!!!

1. The Carpettes - Help! I'm Trapped
2. Holy Cobras - Strange Green Scene
3. King Tuff - Just Strut
4. Compulsive Gamblers - My Mind Is In The Gutter
5. The Spits - Spit Me Out
6. Magnetix - Living In A Box
7. Obits - I Blame You
8. The Stooges - 1970
9. the Walnut Kids - Sabrina, Sabrina
10. Nebula - Down the Highway
11. Raised by Wolves - Burn It All Down
12. Stoics - Hate
13. Sneaky Pinks - I Can't Wait
14. Exploding White Mice - Meet the Creeper **
15. Ariel Pink - Gray Sunset **
16. Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! - Demolicion
17. Nobunny - I Am A Girlfriend
18. Wizzard Sleeve - Alabama's Doomed
19.Daniel Johnston - Hate Song
20. Animals - Dimples
21. Black Lips - Mr. Driver
22. the Marked Men - Sully My Name
23. Tom Waits - Big in Japan **
24. The Mummies - Test Drive
25. the Unicorns - 2014

Your Phone Smells Like Balls!

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