21 March 2012

Why am I doing this? I completely forgot.

I miss the good old days of my blog, back when I used to actually write. Maybe now would be a good time to follow the format of one of those lazy sitcom episodes where all the characters gather together and use flashbacks to have a big long "remember when" conversation.

Remember when I moved to Springfield and that random dude came in my bedroom?

Remember when my neighbor watched a lot of porn (and I was, apparently, watching him watch porn. I just realized that).

You not only watched him watch porn, you tried to analyze and understand the logistics of it all, "...I mean, have you ever tried to rub your belly in a circle with one hand, while patting your head with the other?..."
Anyway, do you remember when my plumbing was messed up for eight days?

Of course I remember! ....we totally missed Thanksgiving because of it. And Thelma was a crazy lady. Remember that time she yelled at me?

How could I forget? You wouldn't shut up about it for weeks.

---I digress---

I could write more blog posts about the stuff I'm doing, but I seem to be busy trying to find my direction and missing opportunities to write about my experiences along the way. Since my last piss-poor blog post I've hung out in St. Louis, visited family in Bowling Green, KY, started my first batch of Kombucha and lots more. I'm taking photos, but not writing any details about my experiences.

Something cool that happened yesterday: Jodi invited me to DJ with her for a couple hours every Tuesday... Rock n Roll Armageddon. I don't have facebook, but the show has a tiny one. Go over there and like it or whatever you Facebookians do.

So I went yesterday to WQNA and sucked at being a DJ. I was completely unprepared and totally afraid of speaking - the complete opposite of my normally rambling self.

Gearing up for Rock n Roll Armageddon!! 4:30-6 on 88.3!

I see how this works. I show up to the radio station on Tuesdays around 4 and I get to play music I like and talk on the air and have fun with Jodi. I know what to expect so I am preparing now for the show next week....by listening to Nobunny radio on last.fm and writing down songs I like so I have an idea of what to play instead of blowing dumb and having absolutely no recollection of even one song I like and would be fun to listen to.

I was worried about my not having any experience but Jodi assured me it was no big deal as she desperately needed a sidekick. When I arrived at the station I met the station manager, Deb Antoine, who said WQNA is in danger of going away due to non-interest; kids just aren't interested in radio. I think people, in general, might be more interested if they knew they had a platform for communication that supersedes the internet. Hmmmm. I wonder if there's a way I can help spread the word? Hmmmm. I need to think about this, but it'll have to wait. I better get back to work.

Listening to: Nobunnies radio on last.fm


  1. Kombucha - still looks like somebody unsuccessfully ate their sheets. Play some Datarock.

  2. And I still like the sidepony.

  3. Oh, great...a clips post. (Kidding.)



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