10 April 2012

I found a picture of my butt

Remember the day of cameras with film? And how sometimes you'd get your film developed and find surprise pictures that others took?

This is one of those photos.

I was 19. I went with Trisha Deppe (hi Trish! I hope you're well and I'd love to reconnect with you!) to swim and climb around the spillways at Lake Timberline. It's a private area, meaning you have to own property to get in there. Seriously, there's a guard station and we'd have to tell them our platte and lot number. This made me feel like a rock star.

Lake Timberline is in the Missouri Bluffs and at some point in the late 50s or early 60s, humans decided to dam up the natural waterways to create several lakes. My favorite is Golf Springs because the beach is sandy and the swimming area is not roped off. I loved going there as a teenager and swimming across the lake, picking a dock and diving in.

Climbing the spillway to Lake Timberline was always my favorite activity. It's the deepest lake, therefore, it has the tallest spillway. It was fun to park a bit away, walk there and climb up small waterfalls and investigate each pool of water above it. Usually there wasn't much to find and I'm sure every creature I encountered gave me a startle.

This particular photo was taken at one of the two spillways that divide Bee Run into three lakes. These are fishing lakes, not designed for swimming, so it always felt more remote than any of the other lakes. Every visit required exploring Bee Run.

Developing my film months later to find a photo of my butt as I'm bent over trying to maneuver up, down or across this tiny spillway is truly a treasure.

Fun times.

Thanks, Trish!

Listening to: The Spits - Take Back the Alley

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  1. Lake Timberline.. ah, I got trashed there many a time (eons ago) Haven't been there in a long time though. Probably 30 years or more. Doing the math, it was more. ;~)



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