22 April 2012

Mini Road Trip

I'm always looking for an escape, an adventure. I wanted to go someplace new today, so I headed to bright and sunny Pekin and then couldn't find anything good to eat, so made my way up to Peoria. Nothing awesome happened, but I captured a few photos along the way.

No building, but this sign made me curious about what in the world was going on here. I mean, lottery and a noose?


I like bridges, apparently, because I tend to photograph them whenever I pass across or under.


Aventine Renewable Energy :: Energy is dirtier the second time around.

Aventine Renewable Energy

A pig attached to the side of the building, painted like a cow, wearing a can of ham and beans.

 A pig painted like a cow wearing a can of ham & beans.

The End.

Listening to: Chug a Lug - Roger Miller

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  1. fyi - the 'smoke' coming from the power plant chimney is actually water vapor...



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