19 May 2012

I blew it! I should have bought it.

Punishment and Reward.

I went on a mini road trip after work to investigate little towns around Springfield. I was lucky to spy this brick-a-brack, knick-knack or whatever they call it - porcelain statue - at a shop in Lincoln, but I regret that I did not buy it. This is a once-in-a-lifetime find and I merely took a few photos, laughed about it and skipped merrily on my way.

Just look at it.

Gramma is up to no good.

This view leaves a lot to the imagination.

- Pyle Driver?
- Swirly?
- Helping someone with a handstand or cartwheel?

Grandmotherly Pat Down
Hmm. It appears that Grandma is massaging the taint of a small boy. I want to believe she's sewing up a tear....but no one has their clothes sewn, by an antique sewing machine, while wearing them. Especially if it's in the Frank-n-Bean region, accessed from the South.

No way.

I should have bought this! What was I thinking!!?!

Yep. She is definitely doing that.

I should've bought that humdinger. Dang!

What IN THEE world do you think it means!? I've never seen anything like it!

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  1. I would love to have that for my sewing room!!!



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