28 May 2012

I did some stuff over the weekend

I was lucky enough to find myself with an impromptu 3-day weekend. Thank you Tanner for covering my Sunday shift to make this mini-vacation possible!

Saturday I was invited to tag along on a one-day road trip to Burlington, IA to watch the Snake Alley bike race. These athletes are impressive! Normally I think sports are stupid. Since I've never played a sport in my life (no, seriously, I've never played a sport) I don't get it. I don't want to watch a bunch of people run around in a field kicking a ball back and forth while playing keep away, or watch people hit a ball back and forth over a net. I definitely don't want to watch people balance a ball on a stick just to hit it real far, fetch it from the bushes, hit it into a pit of sand, hit it a couple more times before they gently tap it into a hole. Whatever; leave me alone so I can take pictures of circles or glue broken pieces of junk to wood.

Geez, I rambled quite a bit. My point was, the Snake Alley race was cool and the whole day was awesome! I laughed for twelve hours straight; it was a beautiful drive and my friend and I were able to investigate lots of small towns along the way. It was a nice getaway!!

That climb!

I can't get over how crazy the Snake Alley race was!


I was going to write about much fun I had on Sunday


and how productive I was on Monday, but then I started thinking about my ongoing heartbreak and trying to work through that. It's tough. We're trying to be friends, but my intentions are different from his since I'm hoping our friendship will blossom into more. He just wants friendship. We love each other differently and it sucks and it's hard. But it is what it is and we're trying to find a happy medium.

But then I fall in love all over again when he does stuff like peel an orange perfectly with his bare hands.

Another epic orange peeling!

But I have good times off on my own, too. Just 23 hours ago I was walking around in the St. Louis City Garden, admiring this greatnes:

Blown away.

Moral of the Story:

Things are fun and good, but the broken heart is still there.

Listening to: Johnny Thunders - You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory

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  1. My parents went down to the fort Saturday and set up camp and then went home. I think I'm going down next weekend when it is cooler.



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