27 June 2012

My Garden is 43ft x 7ft

If you want to know what's-what, see my last blog post where I give a one-minute garden tour. It's barely light out unlike the beautiful bright sunny day happening right now, but I felt like making a video at that very moment.

Sure I could make a video at this very moment, but I want to take a picture instead.


26 June 2012

A tour of my garden

RnR :: Patchwork 2012 Show featuring *SPECIAL* Guesst Robbie Kording

by Rock N Roll Armageddon on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 at 6:35pm ·
Patchwork Playlist2012!!!!!

1. Carbonas - Stoned to Death
2. Bill Haley & His Comets - Ooh! Look-a There Ain't She Pretty
3. Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Pitch a Tent
4. Man or Astroman? - Evil Plans of Planet Spectra
5. Queens of the Stone Age - Broken Box
6. The Mind Spiders - One Step Ahead ***
7. Rock'n'Roll Adventure Kids - Yeehaa
8. Nephrons - Private Parts ^^
9. Blue Ribbon Revival - Last Time Was the Last Time ^^
10. Vindictives - Alarm Clocks
11. Magnetix - Mort Clinique
12. Hospital Job - City, Water Light & Power ^^
13. Nil8 - American Overeater ^^
14. Mikal Cronin - Get Along
15. The Spits - Tonight
16. Our Lady - Breathing Exercises ^^
17. The Timmys - Life Is A Game ^^
18. The Timmys - Sangamon County Minefield ^^
19. the Hellacopters - Down Right Blue
20. Iggy & the Stooges - Search and Destroy
21. the Misfits - Vampira
22. Boon - Names ^^
23. Go Tsunami! - Bushwacked ^^
24. Personal & the Pizzas - Pepperoni Eyes
25. the Sedatives - Automatic
26. The Ramones - Rockaway Beach
27. Up In Arms - Battle Scars ^^
28. The Transatlantic - Small Towns ^^
29. Black Lips - Katrina

^^ = Local Bands off Patchwork 2012 Comp.
** = Request
):  = no noodles

19 June 2012

RnR :: I'm Gonna Write This Note SOOO HAARD!!!

Playlist for 19 June 2012

I'll Buff Your Mom's Front.....
oh bigg beefy, yes
you can tell by the stain on my dress
i know how to party
-----------Eggs----19 June 2012-------------------------------------


1. Thee Headcoats - Girl from 62
2. Thee Oh Sees - Minching Around the Frocks
3. Cheater Slicks - Motherlode
4. The Milkshakes - Dull Knife
5. New Bomb Turks - Scapegoat Soup
6. Oblivians - Sunday You Need Love
7. Intelligence - Debt & ESP
8. The Savages - The World Ain't Round it's Square
9. Bell, Biv Devoe - Poison ^
10. Jay Reatard - Flourescent Grey **
11. Angry Angles - Blockhead
12. Henry Rollins Band - Drive By Shooting **
13. Supersuckers - Drink and Complain
14. Question Mark and The Mysterians - 96 Tears
15. Dead Kennedys - Forest Fire
16. Hubble Bubble - Sweet Rot
17. Jeff Beck Group - Beck's Bolero
18. Eagles of Death Metal - Solid Gold
19. Gizmos - Rock and Roll Don't Come From New York
20. Marked Med - Get to You
21. Jack-O & the Tennessee Tearjerkers - Sweet Thang
22. The Reatards - Into My Bed
23. the Biters - Electric Nights
24. The Cramps - Mojo Man From Mars **
25. Vermillion Sands - Disappear Chanell 3
26. Personal and The Pizzas - Brass Knuckles
27. The Hives - The Stomp
28. Frantic - Kill My Culture
29. Mikal Cronin - The Way Things Go
30. The Cynics - Baby What's Wrong
31. Odds and Ends - Cauz You Don't Luv Me
32. The Dirtys - I'm On Fire
33. The Crown Royals - All Night Burner
34. Prince - Rasberry Beret
35. the Epsilons - Drunk on Love
36. Arthur Lee (Love) - 7 and 7 Is

14 June 2012

Type O-Positive Vs. B-Negative

I had my spleen removed when I was 15 because I had chronic Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). My dad donated blood a few days before the surgery so that if I needed a transfusion, I could use his blood instead of a stranger's. We found out the day after he donated that our blood types were not compatible; he's B-negative and I'm O-positive.

Or so I thought.

Today I worked a health fair and the Central Illinois Community Blood Center was there and conducting blood-typing tests. I wanted to see how the test worked so, even though I've known my blood type for a long time.... after spending a couple of years getting 1-3 blood tests a week, I know.

But it came up B-negative. Twice.

Back when I had my splenectomy and my dad's blood was a different type, my mom and boyfriend-at-the-time both donated blood and both were a match.
If 38% of people are blood type O+ and 2% of people are B-
how likely is it that my mom AND boyfriend were compatible?
(My mom's bloody type IS O-positive.)

I'm baffled.

One's blood type can only change if they've had a bone marrow transplant. I've had bone marrow taken, but never a transplant.


Grendal sleeps like this.

12 June 2012

RnR :: NoNo Kitty and The Brians

12 June 2012

Rock N Roll Armageddon

"This is our Playlist" Playlist

Eggs and Noodles together again. 
I sure missed Eggs last week. 
As usual, the show was a lot of fun. 
Every Tuesday afternoon I feel lucky.
Also, my Mom AND Dad listened today! 
My Dad texted me during the show;
it was awesome.
--------------Noodles---13 June 2012------------------------

My dad is sofa king awesome!

1. The Intelligence - Witchworld
2. Young Governor - Cannabanoids
3. Ty Segall - The Drag
4. the Spits - Witch Hunt
5. Dead Weather - I Can't Hear You
6. Motley Crue - Live Wire ***
7. the Germs - Richie Dagger's Crime ***
8. Blue Oyster Cult - Dominance and Submission ***
9. the Germs - No God ***
10. NONO Cat

11. The Homostupids - Under the Dog
12. Beat Beat Beat - Eyeballs Jones
13. Eagles of Death Metal - Solo Flights
14. The Dead Milkmen - Violent School
15. Davilla 666 - Eva Nena Nunca Regueso
16. The Dwarves - Demonica
17. the Fugitives - Said Goodbye
18. The Defectors - Pretty Baby
19. T. Rex - Rock On
20. the Ettes - Dirty
21. Jack-O & the Tennessee Tearjerkers - Against the Wall
22. The Detroit Cobras - Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand
23. the Hellacopters - Ain't No Time
24. Black Lips - Notown Blues
25. Jackie & the Cedrics - Moovin' & Groovin'
26. Turpentine Brothers - Never Done Nothing Right
27. Hex Dispensers - Are You an Assassin
28. Cool Jerks - For A Little While
29. Danko Jones - Don't Fall In Love ***
30. Bo Diddley - Sixteen Tons
31. Los Straightjackets - Kawanga ***
32. JEFF Brotherhood - Hey Friend ***
33. Goodnight Loving - Seeds & Stems
34. Jay Reatard - Screaming Hand
35. The Shangri-Las - Paradise
36. Cheap Time - Showboat

*** thongs ewe juan ted two here

05 June 2012

RnR :: Noodles Plays with Herself for the First Time

5 June 2012 

Rock N Roll Armageddon PlayerList


Eggs called an hour before we went on the air to let me know she wouldn't be able to make it. While I have started the show on my own, this was the first time I did the whole thing from beginning to end without anyone's supervision. I fumbled and bumbled my way through, managing to not mess up too terribly and not suck too much. 

I was nervous as hell, but it was inevitable that I'd do my first solo show at some point. I'm glad to get that experience out of the way. It's cool to play music on the radio, for two hours, in a not too shabby time slot. (Seriously, you guys, 4-6pm on Tuesdays is a sweet time to be on the radio.) I feel really lucky.

---Noodles-------5 June 2012------------------

Gearing up for a solo show today! Yikes!! Text me if there's dead air.....without headphones, it's hard to tell sometimes. 217.416.2953

1. Hasil Adkins - You Don't Love Me
2. Tom Waits - Jockey Full of Bourbon
3. Thee Oh Sees - Inquiry Perpetuated
4. Thee Headcoats - Girl from 62
5. Davila 666 - Obsesionao
6. The Gories - You Make It Move
7. Lost Sounds - I'm Not Me
8. Cheater Slicks - Motherlode
9. Bad Sports - Kick Her Out
10. Les Sexareenos - Wild Wild Wild
11. The Spits - Take Back The Alley
12. Oblivians - Blew My Cool
13. Intelligence - Reading and Writing About Partying
14. Jacuzzi Boys - I Fought a Crocodile
15. Cheater Slicks - Spanish Rose
16. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - 2 Kindsa Love***
17. The Ramones - Rock-N-Roll High School***
18. The Detroit Cobras - Village of Love
19. The Fresh & Onlys - Nuclear Disaster
20. Useless Eaters - Panic Attack
21. Ween - Drifter in the Dark
22. X Ray Spex - World Turned Dayglo***
23. Thee Headcoats - A Town Named Squaresville

24. Blacktop - Mojo Kitty
25. Almighty Defenders - Ghost with the Most
26. Okmoniks - You Got It (And I Need It Too)
27. Vermillion Sands - Trouble in my Way
28. The Hentchmen - Me and My Monotone
29. Minutemen - This Ain't no Picnic***
30. The Adicts - Bad Girl***
31. The Demons Claws - Hunting on the 49
32. Dead Moon - Room 213
33. The Cramps - Call of the Wighat***
34. Nobunny - Mess Me Up
35. Tiki Tones - The Island of Lost Soul
36. The Riffs - Lesson Number Nine
37. Jan & Dean - Little Old Lady from Pasadena***
38. Link Wray - Rumble***
39. Mean Jeans - Total Creep
40. Thee Oh Sees - Quadrospazzed

***YOU asked for it!!!

01 June 2012

I delete numbers

Dear Everyone I've Ever Met My Whole Entire Life,

If we haven't talked in two months, I've deleted your number.

Unless you're really freaking weird and I want to make sure I know who you are when you text me randumb things here and there. I'm talking to you, Mr. Bologna.




If there's one thing I've learned over the last several years, it's that I am a weirdo/idiot magnet. If you ask me anything ever, you're probably demented. If you try to talk to me more than once a quarter, there's probably something up with you.

So in the wee hours of last night I got a nice message, which could possibly be creepy, but it seems like an awesome gesture right now because I haven't talked to anyone about it (so my creep-dar is totally off). You're either
A: Someone that I haven't talked to in a few months
B: Someone who got my number via the Internet.

@gizellie This happened in the last 24 hours. The whole thing is very mysterious.

Whoever you are, Mystery Person.....
If we exchanged numbers and I deleted you, I'm not sorry, because we haven't kept in contact; if we don't talk regularly, your number is not in my phone.
If you're just a randumb person who sent me a text, that's cool. Everyone should follow suit.


Listening to: Music that my mom will complain about because it sounds like noise (to her, but not me, but that's cool because ya know, we're all different and stuff)

 Clearly, by the last couple of sentences, everything is cool.


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