01 June 2012

I delete numbers

Dear Everyone I've Ever Met My Whole Entire Life,

If we haven't talked in two months, I've deleted your number.

Unless you're really freaking weird and I want to make sure I know who you are when you text me randumb things here and there. I'm talking to you, Mr. Bologna.




If there's one thing I've learned over the last several years, it's that I am a weirdo/idiot magnet. If you ask me anything ever, you're probably demented. If you try to talk to me more than once a quarter, there's probably something up with you.

So in the wee hours of last night I got a nice message, which could possibly be creepy, but it seems like an awesome gesture right now because I haven't talked to anyone about it (so my creep-dar is totally off). You're either
A: Someone that I haven't talked to in a few months
B: Someone who got my number via the Internet.

@gizellie This happened in the last 24 hours. The whole thing is very mysterious.

Whoever you are, Mystery Person.....
If we exchanged numbers and I deleted you, I'm not sorry, because we haven't kept in contact; if we don't talk regularly, your number is not in my phone.
If you're just a randumb person who sent me a text, that's cool. Everyone should follow suit.


Listening to: Music that my mom will complain about because it sounds like noise (to her, but not me, but that's cool because ya know, we're all different and stuff)

 Clearly, by the last couple of sentences, everything is cool.


  1. To quote your Dad..... "Turn that shit up!!"

  2. Balls deep was just his euphemistic way of saying he "really" agreed with whatever you said & or do. Kind of like borderline stalker would be my guess. It isn't something that should be repeated while incarcerated. Because while it may have been a simple platitude, there, it would sound like a request.



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