14 June 2012

Type O-Positive Vs. B-Negative

I had my spleen removed when I was 15 because I had chronic Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). My dad donated blood a few days before the surgery so that if I needed a transfusion, I could use his blood instead of a stranger's. We found out the day after he donated that our blood types were not compatible; he's B-negative and I'm O-positive.

Or so I thought.

Today I worked a health fair and the Central Illinois Community Blood Center was there and conducting blood-typing tests. I wanted to see how the test worked so, even though I've known my blood type for a long time.... after spending a couple of years getting 1-3 blood tests a week, I know.

But it came up B-negative. Twice.

Back when I had my splenectomy and my dad's blood was a different type, my mom and boyfriend-at-the-time both donated blood and both were a match.
If 38% of people are blood type O+ and 2% of people are B-
how likely is it that my mom AND boyfriend were compatible?
(My mom's bloody type IS O-positive.)

I'm baffled.

One's blood type can only change if they've had a bone marrow transplant. I've had bone marrow taken, but never a transplant.


Grendal sleeps like this.


  1. Well, my blood type is B+, yet my younger sib & parents are 0+. I'm pretty sure my Mother has a secret she isn't telling me. (or the 0+ they tell me they are is incorrect)

  2. That's scary - one of those times, there was a mistake. Probably the time that you weren't watching.

    But the reassuring part is that Mom says that if you actually need blood they type and cross you on the spot to make sure you get the right type.

  3. Hey, a fellow ITP'er! Well, my wife hat it, not myself.

    Scary about the blood typing, hopefully procedures would have prevented anything bad from resulting.

    1. Hi Eric, I know your reply was from a few years ago but just saw it. I'm J-net's Mom. Hope your wife also had a good recovery from ITP. Very scary situation considering it's life threatening! Went through a very emotional and upsetting time while J-net was sick. Wishing you and your family the best!



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