28 August 2012

A video I took in my garden just now

I wish my phone were able to capture all the bee activity happening in my garden. There are several varieties of bees and dozens of each type, buzzing from flower to flower, doing their thing. I'm glad I can provide an organic environment for any creatures.....which is why I don't mind the rabbit who's been hanging out for the last month. I have an overabundance of food so I don't mind sharing.

I had NO idea the sunflowers would tower over everything! I thought they'd be as tall as my corn but as it turns out, they're twice as tall! And blocking sunlight for my Brussels sprouts, which never were able to produce food. Also, I'm not sure what happened to my eggplant; it had many flowers, but none materialized into anything, not even a teeny-tiny eggplant.

Conversely, my corn, tomatoes, kohlrabi, broccoli and okra produced lots and lots of food!

Here's a quick video tour of my garden as it looks today.

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