30 August 2012

My sunflowers are very tall

I planted these sunflowers from seed on 24 May. They grew much taller than I expected them to, shading my Brussels sprouts so much that they never produced food.

Okra is that tall stuff in the front. Broccoli is just behind the okra. Chard is at my feet. Peppers, Brussels sprouts and tomatoes are behind me. I chopped down the cornstalks weeks ago.

Kevin McKenzie warned me not to underestimate how big each plant will get. That's been one of the best pieces of gardening advice I've received. It's very easy to crowd one plant out by another. My okra towers over me and two broccoli plants, two tomato plants and a baby blackberry bush.

The corn was also planted too close together, but it survived because I watered them plenty. Next year I will plant a new row each week for 4-6 weeks. Corn is mature and ready to eat 60 days after planting, so this will ensure I have fresh corn for a couple of months.

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