13 September 2012


I've been thinking about Otis all day.

An unexpected death is a strong reminder for me to appreciate each moment and focus on the positive aspects of life that I need to be consciously thankful for. There are many great things happening to me every single day and if my life should end abruptly, I want it to end on a positive note. Being happy all the time seems like a lofty goal, especially when you take into consideration PMS and the irritabilities that occur while interacting with other human beings.
All I can do is try.

I wrote down a quote and regretfully did not manage to capture who said it, so if I went before Judge Judy and tried to quote this statement, she would throw it out as hearsay.
I should be grateful for what I have, because I didn't expect any of this.
- Unknown
Damn straight.

Today I came home to find a lot of really nice messages from people who saw the vulture mosaic on flickr. Some have been commenting on my photos for a long time, others were complete strangers. Their words brightened my day. I appreciate when people take a moment out of their life and dedicate it to me.

Thank you ree-creation-mosaics, anna_dc, Remygem, dixlips, and Lucia Vanhoof. I especially want to thank Nathan Renzor for writing, "I LOVE IT for So many reasons, the texture, the spot of color and face detail, great wings., the bone..... I could go on. GREAT!" I also appreciated reading, "This is so good, the texture in the feathers and the background are amazing" from Joolz

I am sending double-extra Mahalos to Salvation Art for following my progress and cheering me on for months and also to Terry Nichols for sending me an encouraging email.

My favorite comment was from ratherbmosaicing, who wrote, "This is absolutely an amazing piece. It's spectacular, magnificent. The details just blow my mind. The texture, andamento blending/merging of the colors in the black/white/gray in the feathers, beak, bone, claws, neck feathers, the anger in his eye. My dear - what could be better about this piece? It's outstanding."

WOW. Thank you everyone!!


Listening to: The Strange Boys - No Way for a Slave to Behave


  1. And if everyone loves it just by seeing the pictures they'd really be impressed to see it 'live'!! You're getting better with each piece you design/make. Of course I'm Mom so I have to like it! ;)



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