04 September 2012

RnR :: We Played Eye-Spy In an Insane Asylum.....with Ryan and the Ctrl-V's

Hey You Guys
-- it's the --
Playlist for 4 September 2012

Eggs and I haven't DJ'd together in a couple of weeks and it was refreshing to be together again. It's just a couple of hours that we play music together on Tuesdays, but it's amazing to spend time with Jodi. She is deeply expressive and well-versed. She analyzes emotions, reactions and situations concisely and precisely - in an instant - and relays back to me what I could never observe on my own. Eggs gives good therapy, man.

Enough with the Bromance. 

She introduced me to The Monsters. I love heavy music and they deliver. 

== ==   Also   == == 

Our shows are always named in an instant as we're putting the playlist online. We tend to sum up a single event or overall feeling, or combine a few things. It's fun.

Today's show was named because I received a text request, but I had not given my number on the air in the last month. We joked on air about how we should require photos with each text request and within minutes I received photos of our listener's apartment. It was a lot of fun, and the dude's name is Ryan.

After the show, Eggs was trying to put the day's show playlist on facebook and copy/paste wouldn't work. I suggested Ctrl-C then Ctrl-V and BOOM it worked. 

Hence, the second half of the show's title.

Here I am.

1. The Demons Claws - Blood on my Fangs
2. The Spits - Take Back the Alley
3. T. Rex - Jeepster
4. Thee Oh Sees - The Drag

5. Ty Segall - The Drag
6. Bob Burns and the Breakups - Terminal Breakdown
7. Tiki Tones - The Island of Lost Soul
8. Kentucky Knife Fight - Crooked Waltz
9. Thee Crucials - Squares Beware
10. Tesla - Love Song ***
11. The Okmoniks - Teenage Timebomb
12. Danko Jones - Lovercall
13. the Oblivians - Blew My Cool
14. The Smugglers - She Ain't No Egyptian
15. White Lung - Glue
16. David Bowie - Panic in Detroit
17. The Quadrajets - Ain't Red No More
18. Agent Orange - Breakdown ***
19. Davilla 666- Ese Nena Nunca Regresso
20. Agent Orange - Everything Turns Grey ***
21. Boots Electric - I Love You All The Thyme
22. Red Invasion - I'm Not Too Young To Die
23. King Khan & the Shrines - I Wanna Be a Girl
24. Cock Sparrer - Sister Suzie
25. Harlem - Gay Human Bones
26. The Hives - Here We Go Again
27. Real Losers - Total Teenage Degenerate
28. Esquerita - You Better Believe In Me
29. Jay Reatard - Telephone Network Voltage
30. the Minutemen - Definitions ***
31. the Minutemen - Joe McCarthy's Ghost ***
32. The Monsters - Voodoo Love
33. Natural Child - White People
34. Pangea - My Heart
35. Guitar Wolf - Sore Loser
36. Kings of Nuthin' - Nothin To Lose
38. Home Blitz - Sliding Decks
39. Defektors - Black Hole
40. Angry Angles - You Call It Love
41. Diamond Rugs - Motherland
42. Man or Astroman? - Principles Unknown
43. the Ramones - I Don't Wanna Grow Up
44. James Arthur's Manhunt - The Cougar
45. Crazy Spirit - They Sleep Easy
46. The Rolling Stones - Mercy Mercy
47. Gogol Bordello - Parranda
48. Les Breastfeeders - Viens Avec Moi
49. Loli & The Chones - Makeout Party
*** - requests

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