26 September 2012

We have fun together

I've graduated from photos to short videos. Pictures are not enough; I need to capture life's minutia in 10-90 second blocks.

If you believe in those who can see the future, you may have either watched one of their shows or visited them in person to get some insight into your own life. They never tell you about the tiny moments. They only tell you about the big stuff.
          Someone you were close to died.
      You're going to die sooner than you want to.
Maybe you can live on the moon in next century.*
                  It is a nice day.*
      Never trouble trouble til trouble troubles you.*
If you continually give, you will continually have.*
          Now is the time to set your sights high and go for it.*
     Yadda yadda yadda. 
*Fortune-cookie fortunes in my wallet.

I'd rather focus on each tiny, small instance and think of my time in blocks of ten seconds here, four minutes there. I don't want to categorize my experiences, summarize them, shave off all the details so my one week fits into a three-sentence description. Each moment, experience, few seconds, all the little stuff strings together into a long blurred-together thing I feel like is - life. Feeling those moments - is living.

The things that are important to me, the seconds and minutes that make me feel alive and think and wonder and discover, the majority of the billions of humans on the planet wouldn't even care about. And that's why life is so cool. 


  1. But you chose to make this wonderful jump using Flash. You should explore HTML5 - it allows for ease of use without readers being exposed to the constant security issues related to Flash or having to install a plugin to view your content. Although with Blogger maybe HTML5 is more of a hassle setting up than when using the WordPress platform.

    Several articles that explain HTML5 & it's benefits.


    Unfortunately I can't view the videos above because I ditched the closed source security nightmare known as Flash ages ago.

    While I love pictures I think video definitely tells a better story many times. Nice to see others trying that route out now.

    1. I'm not tech savvy enough to manage this, I fear.

      I need something that I can take and upload directly from my phone. I don't get on my computer very often.

      What I do now is take the video with the standard camera that came with my iphone, then upload it to flickr and copy the html to my blog. I can't upload a video directly from my phone to Blogger, so that is a bit of a pain.

      But I don't understand technology enough to do this in the most widely user friendly manner. ?



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