27 October 2012

Pictures are memories

I'm uploading photos from my old PC to flickr and wanted to document a few that caught my eye. I don't feel like I've gone through a metamorphosis, but when I look at pictures from only a few years ago it allows me to remember the ups, downs and changes I've experienced.
(I didn't finish uploading my photos, so I'm posting this entry as is.) 

Old and New Busch Stadiums, 23 November 2005.
I took this picture from an upper floor of the Eagleton building. Cameras aren't allowed inside since it's a federal courthouse, however, at this time I was a regular visitor for my Account Manager position at BCBSMo and I had a good relationship with my contact there. She worked it out with security so I could take photographs the day before Thanksgiving when court would not be in session.

CJ4 in WY 10.03
This picture of my brother is one of my favorites. It's from a trip to visit him at school in Laramie, WY in October 2003. I also went to Denver on this same road trip.

WY16 1.04 (Abe)
A few months later I went to Laramie again and along the way I spotted Abe.
I had no idea that in five years I'd be living in Springfield, IL.

Once my cousin Christine and I got lost in the woods on a hiking trip.

Good lord, Christine's 30th Birthday sure was a lot of fun!

I was riding in the back of my Aunt Laura's van on our way to the City Museum when I snapped this picture.

Two-headed Snake
We saw a two-headed snake that day.

A few months later (September 20005) I saw the ocean for my very first time!

This picture was taken a couple days after my visit to the ocean. I'm with Liz, who was my boss at the time. She was a great influence in my life. I sure do love and miss that woman.

Listening to: Face Candy - Pillow Bite

You have the answers
I wish I had the answers
I know you have the answers
I severely feel like I don't know
I severely feel like I'm so froze
severely feel like I should severely feel
When I can get out of that early clearly eery field
And let your ears just peel
she probably missed the first one
Missed the first one
But still I was the first one
That real person
To see another person as a person
And when other people don't see you as such
I know the feeling is naturally hurting
It's okay
It's okay
You're not alone
You're not alone
The wind doesn't blow that way
Cause from where I stay
The wind blows us away from the rest
And together
So we can put ourselves on display for the world
So we can say this is major
This is secret
This is deep shit
This is not but just a weekend favor
This is real
This is something that'll last much longer
Something that's so much later
Something that's so much stronger
Something that's conquered
The monsters that live inside the circuitry
And why are we so purposely
You hired me to first see
What water was spilled
What daughter had guilt
Because she wasn't loved right
What sunshine never really feels lovely
Where do we take ourselves
Where do we carry ourselves
Embrace ourselves
Before we break our help
Cause the only thing we're looking at is the scraping
Melting trees that are scathing
Bathing in the dissected unprotected corrected scathing
That we're all losing
We're bruising the inside of the teeth biting on the same thing
But I'm here
To rip your jaws open even when they're clinched tight
I'm here
I'm here to shed tears
I'm here to stay up all night
I'm here
And I'll never leave
I'll never leave you
I'll never leave you
I'll never leave you
I'll always believe you
I'll always be-leave you
So put the be in front of it
Put the bumblebee for the birds and the bees
That I guess naturally are running this
Fucking emotional chemical imbalance
That we have
But it's all I have
So I'm fucking glad
And one day I'll be a dad
And we'll walk and the shadows won't seem that deep
The shadows won't come up when we're asleep
The shadows won't weep for me no more
Cause I'm leaving all the fucking graveyards behind
And I'm polishing up my mind
And I'm leaving you
with one thing to know
I'm yours you're mine
And if the world doesn't know that's fine
we decide
(I'll never leave you)

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  1. Why OH Why did you have to post the Abe photo from I-80? Now I have to go hook up my DVD drive- go hunt the DVD or CD for the close up shots I have of it - with lousy camera from 2004. So not sure the quality is worth the effort. Stayed the night at a Super 8 in Laramie, WY on that trip.



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