14 October 2012

Triple S Farms

I was lucky to visit Triple S Farms today. It was an eye-opening experience to talk with Stan and learn what it means to raise food (animals, meat, hamburger, bacon, Thanksgiving turkey) and feed them well, treat them well, give these animals a well-cared-for life with plenty of food, water, shelter and as little stress as possible.

It's late, I should be sleeping. But y'all should know (and by y'all, I mean my mom) that today was super awesome.


  1. Glad to hear you had an awesome day!! We need to visit and have a super awesome day together!!

  2. When I get back will you bring me on a visit? I wanna go.

    1. I won't be able to! They don't usually give tours but made an exception for us!! It was super awesome!



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