22 November 2012

Get Your Life Together, says the Post-It

I sit on the floor at the foot of my bed to do my hair and makeup, which takes all of 8 minutes to apply eye shadow and mascara and then run some Beautiful Curls Shea Butter in my freshly-showered, therefore really wet hair. (I hate mornings.)

I blogged about this photo.

I've sat in front of the same mirror since I was a teenager, hence the Local H sticker...and all of the stickers, which are circa 1994-1996. At the top there's a neon orange flower sticker from Hullabaloo in St. Louis, MO, stickers for Ultrafink and Goldfinger, and a fish sticker because I was really into fish back then (the creatures which swim in water, definitely not Phish; I tried and tried, but never could get into them). 

"Get Your Life Together" is one of my favorite quotes from Shaun of the Dead. Shaun wakes up to those words he had drunkenly written himself and tries really hard throughout the movie to heed this advice. Often he makes mistakes but he still makes an effort to do the right thing and eventually, he manages to get his life together.

Listening to: Mark Sultan - Misery's Upon Us


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