07 January 2013

Not one ORANGE contains the letter A

At first glance I fell in love with the 21st of June. It's the first day of summer for crying out loud and stuff. But you know what happens on the 21st of December? Days grow longer.

And it's awesome.

Probably everyone at 39.8017° N latitude knows what I'm talking about.

In other news, my dad totally won Color Raffle at Bingo.
My dad won!

And he split his winnings with me. Or as he put it, "I won. And I had to split the pot with some lady who also won." (He went over and congratulated her, introduced himself, asked her name, shook her hand. It was awesome. My dad rocks. You guys have no idea. My parents are awesome. So is my brother. My whole family really.) "Then I split my winnings with you, because that's the deal. Then I go home and split the rest with your mom. Yep. I won."

Color Raffle at the KC Hall. Winning line:
K - Copper
O - Black
F - Red
C - Black
G - Orange
A - Orange
M - Yellow
E - White

Not one ORANGE contains the letter A. And one of his WHITEs is missing its E.

Listening to: The Strange Boys - Woe is you and me

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