13 January 2013

Racing and Reading

Sometimes I'm amazed at how little I actually know about certain things. My dad and brother know what seems to be like, everything there is to know about how cars work, and I picked up absolutely none of this. But I appreciate car stuff, so sometimes my guy friends ask me along to car things. This week I was lucky to be invited by Wade to tour Tim Wilkerson's race shop (300 mph nitro funny car!).

Tim Wilkerson shop tour

Most of the time I didn't know what I was looking at or what Tim was talking about, but it was cool. I learned what the clutch assembly from hell looks like.

Clutch assembly from hell, they say.

And what it looks like between the cab and trailer of a tractor trailer sort of vehicle.

Tim Wilkerson shop tour

Even cooler, I got to see what's inside the back of a race semi. I'd never been inside a double-decker where race cars were on top and a full workshop was on bottom. It was super bad ass.

Tim Wilkerson shop tour

It takes a lot of organization and planning to have a successful race team. Without it, they wouldn't be prepared to overcome obstacles and move forward.

Tim Wilkerson shop tour

Clearly some of the finer points of the tour are lost upon my ignorance, but I'm thankful to be part of this Springfield Milers event. I especially had fun at the dinner and their acts of generosity were not lost on me. Their raffle to benefit Kids Cafe is an idea I will duplicate someday.

Zzzz, then... The Next Day

I ran into a friend of a friend within 20 minutes of my arrival at work and she gifted me a book.

A gift

I have so much to learn about food and life and living and - everything. Thank you, Roxanne. I can't wait to read The One-Straw Revolution, Masanobu Fukuoka.

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  1. A book is always a good gift, my friend, how are you? Too much we don't talk



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