13 February 2013

Mosaic this. Garden that.

I started a mosaic over the weekend.

You see, I made a promise with myself back when I finished the Scheufele mosaic that I had to stop all things mosaic until I found a new career in a new town, but omg dude, that is never going to happen. Unsuccessful job searching is tiring, depressing and an unproductive way to spend my time.

I prefer to grow more food this year. I want to have an ever bigger garden and can, dry and freeze the foods that I grow. I want to become more self-sufficient in that way.

My sunflowers are very tall.

Since I decided to garden bigger this year, I don't need to job search so much right now.
Which means I can work on a mosaic.

I realized the job search thing on Thursday, let it sink in on Friday, then started a mosaic on Saturday.

I've felt confused about a lot of things for a while now so I decided to just start gluing pieces from one end to the other of a piece of wood, one foot by three feet.

2.5 feet of random to go

It feels nice to not plan ahead much.

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