15 April 2013

Share and Share Alike

If I understand the privacy settings correctly, all of my flickr photos are okay for anyone to use as long as they link back to me. It makes me happy to find they're useful to others, even if the caption above one of my photos says "Monkey Do." Yep. Others are "Sleek and Smart" or "Retro Hair" or even "Messy Side Ponytail" ... mine is called the "Monkey Do."

I was surprised my broken heart found its way onto a page dedicated to helping children after divorce. And I get a few visitors from a page about WyoTech, but I could never really find exactly where the link was coming from.

But the most awesome of all was finding it used for an article, GMOs: An Unexpected Dinner Guest. Specifically, it provides a backdrop for tips on avoiding GMOs.

I took this picture on an Amtrak ride from Chicago back to Springfield two days after my 34th birthday. I grew up very near a major rail yard and a train's engine is rather large; those silos dwarf the train.

The amount of corn in today's silos boggles my mind.

These things.

All the more reason to grow my own foods.

Seeds started

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  1. I wonder what your 'butt' photo has been used for? Maybe selling alcohol?



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