20 April 2013

Surprise! We're on the air in four minutes

Jodi invited me to Recycled Records to shop for Record Store Day. Sounded fun, so we met up before 3 and when I said, "I think I'm ready to take off," she looked so sad and asked, "You aren't going to get on the air with me?" I had no idea she was asking me down there to cohost a Rock N Roll Armageddon show!

Uuuuhhh. Tune into 88.3.

The equipment was all wonky and there was an eight-second delay and every time someone went in or out of the building the transmission got all jacked up and part of our instructions nonchalantly included, "if you touch this cabinet and the doorway at the same time, you'll get quite a jolt." Noted.

But the chaos was a lot of fun and I especially liked that we had to share a microphone so we were close-talking between songs. And W00t! Pangea is going to be at the Firebird with Detroit Cobras at the end of next month!

Listening to: Pangea - Night of the Living Dummy

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