02 May 2013

Last Chance!

Today's the last day I'll be able to respond "Thirty-Four" if someone asks how old I am.

A night at The Legacy

While I'll miss dividing my age by 17, I do look forward to an entire year of dividing my age by five. And to think, a year ago today I wrote about dividing by eleven!

I'm not even sure why I care about dividing my age by any number when my faulty math has resulted in one $65 pizza and another time where I invented "future money" while trying to split up a dinner bill. Between two people.

I've never been good at calculating math in my head. I've always wanted to be one of those people but I'm just not. The other day I bought a kombucha and after my discount plus tax, it's $2.82. I handed Dexter a five, he rung it out and then I handed him two pennies. He looked at the pennies, then me and asked, "What's that gonna do?" I thought about it and wasn't 100% sure of the answer so we just laughed and pretended I did not retroactively hand him any pennies. It takes a level of effort for me to get the answer.

I want to envision:

- 2.82

But in my head I see it as words and a sentence, not numbers.

Five dollars minus two dollars and eighty-two cents plus two pennies.

I'm not even sure why I'm posting any of this and actually taking time to create links. I was supposed to do a simple day-before-my-birthday post.

My dad was right.

Listening to: Country Teasers - I'm a New Person, Ma'am


  1. Heeeeeeeeeeey my friend!!!!!

  2. May you have a great birthday! 35 was nice to me, may it also be to you. ;~)



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