12 May 2013

Oooh, Girl, Oooh

I just found a draft blog post. I don't save drafts; I sit down and write something and delete it if it sucks. I never start to write a post and then come back to it for later revisions, so I did not notice this draft and have no idea how long it's been sitting there. I could guesstimate by looking at the dates on these photos but I don't feel like it. 

I'm posting it exactly as I found it, goofy ass title and all.

Circa: Sometime in 2012

Oooh, Girl, Oooh

I love taking pictures of those nothing-moments that no one else would care to chronicle. It's a documentary about me, for me, by me. I know feet pictures are popular to some and questionable or annoying to everyone else, just like food photos, duck faces and so on.

Not in the foot fetish way, but man, I get feet pictures; I look at a picture of my feet later and a memory comes flooding back. To everyone else it's just an old pair of Chucks, but I think of me sitting behind the health foods store on my break, eating damaged produce and thinking about how dumb I am for being so silly and confused over a boy.

It's a little hard to tell by this picture, but I'm eating a tomato right now.

But really it's just a picture of my feet.

And then I think of a different picture of my feet, where I'm at a new job and working with someone new, fourteen years younger than me, who a year later would be one of my closest friends and my roommates girlfriend (they're recently broke up, ugh).

Day 152: Cashier Number One and Cashier Number Two

And for some reason that photo reminded me of Teresa.

Small Shoes

And then.

That Old House

And then.

Giant Dead Cockroach

And then.

Day 103: I love my Chucks

And then.

Day 041 Year 2: Love these shoes

And then.

Day 108: On a hot date!

And then.

Day 136: Jessica's Kicks

And then.

Day 351: Sock monkey socks

And then I look at all these photos and think that no one really cares because they are just photos my feet. But somehow I look at every photo and am reminded of him, him, him, him. Him. His socks. His couch. His house. With him. Without him. Bought socks with him. Exploring abandoned house with him. After date with him. Before I knew him. Waiting for him. Just talked to him.

Seriously, guys. They're just pictures of feet.


  1. Nice socks, first pic!

    1. Thanks, Baol!
      Those socks have a unicorn and rainbow on them!



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