26 June 2013

Today's my dad's birthday

He's super awesome and I sure do love him a lot.

My Dad and his latest thrifting score

Recently I tried to update my phone and inadvertently wiped it clean. I was most sad about losing the videos my dad has sent me, but quickly realized that he'll keep making more.

Over the weekend my mom repainted some concrete yard statues and my dad made up a story about the group of them drying in the yard. I can watch these countless times and never tire of them.

Listen to some of his favorite bad ass head banger shit: Pantera.

Listening to: Pantera

25 June 2013


Each thought feels vast - exploring any little idea turns into a production. The large gap in blog posts stemmed from the problem of writing about ingredients in my coffee creamer. Compare the old creamer's ingredients to the new creamer's ingredients...but each word turned into a deep web of thought.
Coffee Creamer Ingredients

My "new" coffee creamer ingredients

I'm not sure my "healthy" creamer is eating the best I can. I haven't tried this yet, but feel the cleanest option is for me to make my own vanilla sugar and my own nut milk - I'll have to experiment with different nuts to see which milk tastes best in coffee. When it comes to the fake stuff, I haven't been a fan of hazelnut, but I'm willing to make my own and give that a try. From what Christopher has taught me, to make any nut milk, soak the nuts for several hours then blend the nuts and water until it gets milky, then run it through a cheesecloth. Sounds easy, but I haven't attempted this yet myself.

Use your favorite search engine to see what some of the above words and phrases mean, you might be surprised to learn what you're putting into your body.

partially hydrogenated soybean oil
partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil
sodium caseinate
disodium phosphate
mono- and diglycerides
natural flavors
artificial flavors
color added
colored with titatnium dioxide
dipotassium phosphate
natural flavors
cellulose gum
cellulose gel

not to mention the "good" stuff like

organic coconut milk
dried cane syrup
guar gum

Roxanne's plants

I stopped providing links a while ago. Utilize your Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V commands, people.

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