22 August 2013


.....I've been doing it a lot lately. 

09 August 2013

04 August 2013


Each I year I attempt to grow a few new vegetables and I've been completely obsessed with my cucumber plants this summer. I had no idea how quickly they'd grow. And tall. It's beautiful, the way their tendrils reach with intent to climb higher and higher each day. I'm amazed.

Current Status: Obsessing over my #cucumber plant. #keepclimbing

Before I left for Oregon, I had one small cuke who'd barely started growing. Eight days later I picked six cucumbers within five minutes of arriving home. And today I picked two more.

There are a whole lot of little tiny cucumbers just starting out. Two weeks from now I may be in cucumber overload. Maybe now's a good time to start research pickling.

Any advice? (start pickling!)

Cucumber growth amazes me.

Listening to: Shannon and the Clams - Troublemaker

02 August 2013

Leaving Oregon

I don't want to go back to Illinois. I'd rather live in Eugene. I loved it. I met so many great people, saw so much, had an overwhelmingly positive experience. I have the Whiteaker Hostel to thank for that. (Mom, please remind me in a couple days to write a proper blog post dedicated to them.)

Making my way north toward PDX now. Sigh.


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