30 October 2013

Sometimes I feel like-- I'm my mom

Other times I feel like-- I'm my dad.

One Score and One and a Half Decades Ago
1979, I think.

I don't know how to explain it well enough to recreate the moment; sometimes I'm just doing my thing and I suddenly feel like I'm my mom. It's not that I feel similar to her -- but I feel like I am her. My mannerism, posture, tone of voice, something triggers a sensation where I suddenly become aware that I am her.

And it's not like she's dead and I'm being contacted from beyond the grave. In fact, both of my parents are alive and well.

My parents, brother and me, 20+ years ago.
My parents, brother and me, last Christmas (2012).

There are other times when I find myself feeling as if I am my dad. I was sitting here paying bills and deleting emails earlier tonight when I suddenly became aware - never realizing the moment where I zoned out - but then I came to, rocking out to some bad ass head banger shit.
It's what I imagine Déjà vu feels like. 

And then I wrote this post.

24 October 2013

Last Day

I found a new job in Springfield and it's awesome. 

Conversely, I'm going to miss Food Fantasies like crazy. Come to think of it, I've been in three times in the six days since I stopped working there.


09 October 2013

Sunflower seeds

Have you ever wondered where sunflower seeds come from? Untitled

They come from a flower.
 Sunflower Seeds

One giant flower.

I actually felt really bad holding the decapitated head of this behemoth.

02 October 2013


Any guesses as to what I explored today?

Thank you Iggy and Desotoe Joe for their guesses!  ...it's the old Matheny school behind the post office on Cook St in Springfield, IL. It was a super awesome behind the scenes tour.

Listening to: Family Guy!


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