30 October 2013

Sometimes I feel like-- I'm my mom

Other times I feel like-- I'm my dad.

One Score and One and a Half Decades Ago
1979, I think.

I don't know how to explain it well enough to recreate the moment; sometimes I'm just doing my thing and I suddenly feel like I'm my mom. It's not that I feel similar to her -- but I feel like I am her. My mannerism, posture, tone of voice, something triggers a sensation where I suddenly become aware that I am her.

And it's not like she's dead and I'm being contacted from beyond the grave. In fact, both of my parents are alive and well.

My parents, brother and me, 20+ years ago.
My parents, brother and me, last Christmas (2012).

There are other times when I find myself feeling as if I am my dad. I was sitting here paying bills and deleting emails earlier tonight when I suddenly became aware - never realizing the moment where I zoned out - but then I came to, rocking out to some bad ass head banger shit.
It's what I imagine Déjà vu feels like. 

And then I wrote this post.


  1. LOL!! Hope you didn't have a panic attack while 'you were me'.... XOXO

  2. Love this family pic - you have your dad's hand...just proves how much you're like your dad!! :)



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