21 December 2013

Days grow longer

Today is my favorite day of the year.

There was a time where I prefered the summer solstice because hello, it's summer time: food is growing, birds and squirrels and rabbits and bees and worms and me all enjoy the bounty of my organic garden. And it's the longest day of the year. 

-- But --

The winter solstice is a turning point and now we get a few extra minutes of sunlight with each passing day. 

15 December 2013

(24 x 24) + (24 x 4) =

...the number of square-inches I am tiling.

I hope it turns out okay. 

02 December 2013

Pictures from Thanksgiving

I drove down to the east side of St. Louis to spend Thanksgiving with my family and just as I was leaving, my dad wanted to take pictures. 

First, he took a picture of me with this animal, Jeff. He's been a close family friend since before I was even born. 

Then we went in the kitchen and I took a picture of my dad and Gramma Sue.

Then my dad took a picture of Gramma Sue and me.

Then Gramma Sue took a picture of me and my dad.

Then I took a picture of my mom sleeping on the couch.

The end.


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