22 January 2014

I inherited reading from my Mom

For as long as I've known my mom, she's always had her nose in a book. As such, I grew up with that obsession; reading is an important habit and IS a priority every day.... 

Then... I entered my early 20s, a phase of my life where I balanced a full-time job so I could buy a house and car, along with full-time college, being married and I spent too much time chasing the American dream blah blah blah, reading for fun went away for several years.

Nowadays, I need a chair.  

I love reading, but I don't really have a good, comfortable place to snuggle up next to a book. I lay in bed to read, but fall asleep within a few pages. I spend a lot of time thinking about making a reading corner in my room, but have never taken action.

Today, WI Geoff scored me a reading chair for my room. Even better, it's an old beauty shop hair dryer chair, so it has a cut out for a reading lamp and everything.

New Chair...hair dryer hole

New Chair

FYI: the pillow in the first photo was intentionally placed for "dramatic effect." I don't even know what that means, but I took a few pictures then felt compelled to place a pillow on the chair. I asked myself, "why does this chair need a pillow for a photo?" ...I answered to myself that it would add dramatic effect. What sort of goofy-ass instinct is that anyway?

Before and after

If history is any indication of the future, my perfect reading corner will look like this by Friday:

New Chair.....future prediction

Listening to: My cousin Aaron wail on the guitar (Black Fast)


  1. Funny that your chair will end up as a catch-all the same way exercise equipment does for most people!

  2. I always have something in the "dictation" room to read. It's a wonder my rear isn't shaped like a horseshoe.



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