09 January 2014

Teeth for cash

Before there were Payday Loan and Car Title for Cash places, a person could sell their teeth for cash money. I know because I used to sell my teeth.

I would leave my teeth in the tooth-shaped front pocket and wake up to a little bit of money in the main part of this contraption. I don't remember ever actually using it, but I do remember losing a tooth and going up to my dad with it and telling him that "we should cut out the middle man." He laughed really hard and I felt confused because I was serious and it seemed like I had made a deep revelation about the world and how life worked.

And that's why I have a felt and lace pink pocket with a dirty tooth on the front. I have no idea of its whereabouts.

The end.


  1. Jeannette, my friend, how are you? Don't be a stranger!!!

  2. I had three sets of teeth. (no kidding) I plan on keeping these as long as possible, because if not, instead of selling them, I'll be buying some. I go Friday to have them cleaned. ;~) They can't believe I smoke, so I must be doing something right.



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