27 February 2014

I'm not as skinny as I thought

The majority of my clothes are thrift finds and I always try them on before I buy because I can't look at an article of clothing and tell how it will fit my body. As soon as Target put out their swim suits, I headed over to their clearance rack because I only have one pair of jeans and no sweaters. I broke my rule and tried nothing on because it's the middle of winter and due to my lack of winter clothes, I dress in 2-3 layers of pants and shirts.

I found quite a few articles of clothing that were in the $5-8 price range. Out of a dozen things, only two pair of pants didn't fit. So I returned them today and when the dude asked me, "Was there a problem with these jeans?" I replied, "Yeah. I'm not as skinny as I thought." 

He made this face:

Horrible photo

I wanted to laugh, but I kept it cool. It was hilarious.

Listening to: Islands - Swans (Life After Death)

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