21 April 2014

Relax and you will float

I'm leaving for PDX on Thursday.
I don't have a job, nor a place to live.
Also, I don't know anyone there.

In lieu of flowers, please donate mix CDs.

I'm a horrible swimmer. But when I was a teenager I drove down to Lake Timberline a lot and I always wanted to swim across the lake so I could jump off these people's dock who were never home. You know how I did it? I stopped like every third minute to relax, float.

No idea how to swim, but I made it back and forth across that lake countless times.
Listening to: Solange Knowles - I Decided


  1. In case you didn't know it, you also float after you drown....Eventually. I'm just saying;~)

  2. Well, it is certainly reciprocated ;~)



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