06 May 2014

Where was I?

So on Monday I had a treacherous drive through a crazy wind storm. What should have taken me around 9 hours to drive, it took more more than 12. Staying with Sarah was awesome, as it's been just one year since she made a similar move. It was good to hear the truth from her, that it isn't the easiest transition, but the struggle will be worth it. I spent two nights with her and while she was at work on Tuesday, I back-tracked about an hour to visit Jake, a former coworker from Food Fantasies.

Wednesday I headed toward Utah. My goal was to visit Arches National Park. Even the drive there was pretty and I encountered a few surprises in the desert.

Today was a good day.

How cool is this defunct bridge!? I should have taken a picture of the plaque because of course I already forgot the name of it. I do remember that it was a vital artery linking trade between the area and travelers to/from Colorado. My iPhone camera wasn't too keen on capturing it's many details, but Nico and I hung out there for a while just taking in the scenery.

Arches National Park was really cool, but I expected to see A LOT of Arches and that isn't possible from the car. If I didn't have Nico with me I could have gotten out to explore more, but having her with me was worth seeing less. Come to think of it, I don't even know what I missed! I saw more than I imagined, just not nearly as many arches as I thought I would.

Breathtaking Views

The few arches I did see were really far away!

Arches and Future Arches

I did get to see the famous double arch, though it's hard to make out in this picture with that giant phallic rock in the way. In person I didn't even notice it. In any case, the double-arch is right in the middle of the photo.

Relocation Adventures

So that was Wednesday. Thursday and Friday were just, long driving days. Less than ten hours each day, but as far as 2600-mile road trips are concerned, each day seems to grow longer. Friday morning I woke up early in Utah and procrastinated getting on the road for at least two hours. I just didn't want to drive anymore.

The last few days have been odd, a bit of an adjustment. It still doesn't REALLY feel like I'm moving so far away, but sleeping on a couch in a living room definitely is helping this feel real. It will be nice once I find a job and get my own place, unpack a few things, then start worrying about how in the world I'm going to get my furniture to this part of planet earth.

One thing at a time.

For now, I'll look forward to revisiting the Grilled Cheese Grill for another ABLTGC.

Today I ate lunch in the top of a bus.

Listening to: Musiq Soulchild - Who Knows

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