21 June 2014

The first day of school

Do you remember how exciting the unknown felt the first day of grade school, junior high and high school? Then the first moment in college, the first day in every new class for your entire college career? The first day at your new job? The first day in a new role at the same company you've worked at for many years? Your first day in your first apartment? Your first house?

That's how every day has felt for the last two months. 

The few things I hauled across the country are still packed away in the car. I'm about to start a 2nd new job on Monday and I've only been at my 1st new job for two weeks. I haven't found a home yet. Once I figure that out, I have to then find a way to get my furniture, sentimental stuff, kitchen supplies and mosaic materials 2000 miles to my new place in Oregon. 

The list continues into infity and there are many other new challenges to navigate and learn from, and it's great, I'm enjoying this entire experience.

Listening to: neighborhood Woo Guys hollering "Woooo" during what would otherwise be a quiet evening

17 June 2014


A few of you may be wondering what I'm up to lately, the answer is simple: not much. Yes, I have relocated from a couch in Portland to a garage in Eugene. I'm working in a grocery store by day, freezing my booty in 40ish degree temps by night.

Not much else to report, as I haven't done the slightest bit of exploring Eugene. No mosaicing either. I have unpacked exactly 9 days worth of clothing and nothing more. 

I do have access to a sweet outdoor shower with both cold and hot water:

Those are the updates.

01 June 2014

Your Goal May Be Delayed

My brother lived in Wyoming circa 2003-04 for less than a year and during this time I made four pilgrimages from Illinois to visit him. On a couple of those visits, he drove me along the Snowy Range Scenic Byway and passed through a little town called Centennial.

Centennial WY 1.04

We stopped at the Old Corral for food and I discovered an old-timey-looking metal scale where, when standing on it, drop a nickel in a slot next to the month you were born to get a fortune along with your weight. My fortune read:

Your Goal May Be Delayed
But You Will Succeed

These words have provided me comfort time and time again, when I am working toward a goal that seems to be just beyond my grasp.

As things are still uncertain as to whether or not I will land the job of my dreams, I am also reminded of one of the lessons in The Alchemist, that there is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure. It's scary taking a big risk which may or may not produce the result one is working toward, but I have to believe that as long as I keep putting in the effort, I will succeed.

Listening to: New Order - Age of Consent


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