30 July 2014

Today he is five

I called my nephew after work to wish him a happy fifth birthday. It was 7pm his time and he was riding home after spending the day at Six Flags. As soon as he was handed the phone he sternly asked, "Who is this!?"



Yeah, I called to wish you a Happy Birthday.

"Oh, yeah. What's your dog doing?"

Lick Fingers. Wipe Hands on Pants.

I feel obligated to post a life update but don't have it in me to write anything in depth or at length. Instead, I want to tell you about this moment last summer when I was invited to a friend's house and she ordered pizza for the four of us. Not long after eating my first slice, the host asked if I would like a paper towel or napkin of some sort and without thinking I replied, "No thanks, I was going to lick my fingers and wipe my hands on my pants."

Everyone laughed.

I fake laughed along and thought about how I was not even joking when I said that. I was 100% honest. My plan was to:
  • eat pizza 
  • lick my fingers 
  • wipe my hands on my pants 
  • wash up when I was officially done eating pizza
Because that's what adults do, wash their hands sometimes before and always after eating.

Listening to: Thee Oh Sees - Minotaur a song I have tagged via Shazam, twice, since being in Euge-- holy crap I moved two thousand miles away from everyone I know

I am experiencing one of those HOLY CRAP moments. It's been exactly one year since I visited Eugene looking for a job and making a more serious attempt to move. Two years since I started trying to land a job with my dream company. Which I accomplished a mere six weeks ago. Just three months since I left Springfield. Three weeks since I sold my house and later that same day signed a one year lease on a super cool duplex. Whoa, back up a step. It was a mere three months ago when I set off across the country in my mom's car with a select bit of possessions and Nico on a 2600 mile relocation journey with no job and no place to go. I spent May and part of June sleeping on couches, in hotels and in the car. I relocated to a garage where I slept for a month. I am a few weeks into a one-year lease. I sold my house. I'm planning for the uhaul delivery of all my worldly possessions to land in five weeks. Later in September is when shit will feel real-real. Right now it still feels like I'm traveling for work or something else temporary.

But yeah, I live in Eugene, Oregon.

Lick fingers.
Wipe hands on pants.
Enjoy the scenery.

15 July 2014

Our tiny planet

Tonight I decided to stop in a different local grocery store on my way home from work. I was at the deli asking them way more questions than necessary about a pre-cooked twice-baked potato when some dude stopped me with a tap on my shoulder, long stare before--


Then a hug.

Unrelated photo taken during my last tattoo.

We decided that we remebered each other from 2000 miles away. He used to shop at Food Fantasies, where I worked - in Illinois (I am in Oregon, remember).

It gets weirder.

Last summer he lived in the exact same garage I just moved out of.


Listening to: The Uncluded - Delicate Cycle

13 July 2014

Three Minute Update

I won't have internet for two more weeks, so my posting will be lax for a bit more. Until then, you should know that I MOVED INTO A PLACE!!

It's beautiful and perfect! Though it is on the small side and that has me wondering how my stuff will fit when Wisconsin Geoff delivers it in a few months. 

For now, I'm just going to enjoy the wide-open empty space. 

Listening to: The Mantles - Thin Reminder


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