30 July 2014

Lick Fingers. Wipe Hands on Pants.

I feel obligated to post a life update but don't have it in me to write anything in depth or at length. Instead, I want to tell you about this moment last summer when I was invited to a friend's house and she ordered pizza for the four of us. Not long after eating my first slice, the host asked if I would like a paper towel or napkin of some sort and without thinking I replied, "No thanks, I was going to lick my fingers and wipe my hands on my pants."

Everyone laughed.

I fake laughed along and thought about how I was not even joking when I said that. I was 100% honest. My plan was to:
  • eat pizza 
  • lick my fingers 
  • wipe my hands on my pants 
  • wash up when I was officially done eating pizza
Because that's what adults do, wash their hands sometimes before and always after eating.

Listening to: Thee Oh Sees - Minotaur a song I have tagged via Shazam, twice, since being in Euge-- holy crap I moved two thousand miles away from everyone I know

I am experiencing one of those HOLY CRAP moments. It's been exactly one year since I visited Eugene looking for a job and making a more serious attempt to move. Two years since I started trying to land a job with my dream company. Which I accomplished a mere six weeks ago. Just three months since I left Springfield. Three weeks since I sold my house and later that same day signed a one year lease on a super cool duplex. Whoa, back up a step. It was a mere three months ago when I set off across the country in my mom's car with a select bit of possessions and Nico on a 2600 mile relocation journey with no job and no place to go. I spent May and part of June sleeping on couches, in hotels and in the car. I relocated to a garage where I slept for a month. I am a few weeks into a one-year lease. I sold my house. I'm planning for the uhaul delivery of all my worldly possessions to land in five weeks. Later in September is when shit will feel real-real. Right now it still feels like I'm traveling for work or something else temporary.

But yeah, I live in Eugene, Oregon.

Lick fingers.
Wipe hands on pants.
Enjoy the scenery.

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